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How to Ride a Bike in a Double Paceline

Learn how to ride a bike in a double paceline from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


So after we've learned how to ride in a single paceline we've gonna learn how to ride in a double paceline its very very similar but riding next to someone as well as rihjy in front of someone.You're gonna when you go on longer rides this will allow you to talk to the person next to you, to have a conversation and it will actually provide a greater draft for the people behind you. Usually you are going to be, you are going to find the two people at the front hitting the wind from anywhere between thirty seconds and a couple of minutes. When they are done they're both gonna simultaneously pull off and the next group will pull up. The following group is not gonna accelarate but reather the leaders who have just pulled off are actually gonna slow down and join the back, so the idea is the pelaton or the double paceline is not going to be accelerating they are be holding the exact same speed just the leaders will pull off and move to the back. So the double paceline you really wont see too much in competitions it's usually use more for training, sometimes you can see in competitionsif a team issetting a tempo and they are trying to pull in another breakaway but for the most part it's designed to for training where a group of riders is gonna ride in steady space and cover a long, a large distance as easily as posible. And thats how to ride in a double paceline.

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