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How to Ride a Bike in a Rotating Paceline

Learn how to ride a bike in a rotating paceline from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


Riding in a rotating pace line is actually one of the more technical, difficult ways of riding your bike. People struggle with this, even if they are experts. The idea of a rotating pace line is to completely share the work with the riders around you, with the pack. The idea is to conserve as much energy, while at the same time moving the pack as quickly as possible. The idea is, there is not going to be a single rider ever hitting the wind for longer than a moment or two. If you look from a birds-eye view, the entire group is rotation in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise position. A rotating pace line has been proven to be the most efficient way of a group of riders moving at a fast pace and conserving the most energy. They are going to rotate either away from the wind, or with the wind. So, if riders are rotating from left to right, that means the wind is coming from your left. If the riders are rotating from right to left, it means the wind is coming from their right. Rotating pace lines are usually found in races, not in training. Rotating pace lines are going to be used when a break-away is formed, and riders have a long distance to cover, and they don't want to be sitting in the wind for a long period of time. And those are some tips for riding a rotating pace line.

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