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How to Pick Bike Racing Wheels

Learn how to pick bike racing wheels from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


So there's a ton of different types of racing wheels and I'm going to
talk to you about a few of these.

The first one I'm going to bring up is the Mad Fiber. Mad Fibers are made in the US. This is a full carbon wheel. This is used for road racing. It excels for climbing. It excels in time trials. It's known as a very, very light wheel.

So as you can see, there's actually no tire on it right now. This is what's
called a tubular wheel. These are only race wheels so you glue the
tubular tire to the rim. So this is a lot different than the wheels
that are on my bike. The wheels on my bike are a full aluminum wheel,
aluminum spokes, aluminum hub, aluminum rim, with a clincher tire.

This tire has on inner tube in it. I can easily remove this tire. This is
more of a training wheel. If you're looking to get into training
wheels, you're going to look for a clincher wheel. It's strong,
relatively light. If you're looking for a race wheel, you're going to
look for a wheel that's more likely a tubular. A lot of race wheels are
going to be all carbon and here at Ride Brooklyn we have a wide selection
of wheels including Mad Fiber, Reynolds, NoTubes, and Havoc.

Tire pressure's really critical to riding your bike. Most road tires
are going to want to have a tire pressure between 90 PSI and 120 PSI.

And these are some tips to think about when picking out a set of race

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