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How Does a Bike Helmet Protect You?

Learn how a bike helmet protects you from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


I always recommend wearing a helmet. A helmet can definitely save your life and it can definitely prevent major brain injury. Helmets are designed to crack on impact. They're not designed to remain intact. What they're designed to do is as you hit the cement or pavement, they're going to crack transferring the energy of the impact into the helmet away from your skull. Helmets are engineered to pass one specific safety test. After they've pass that test, they're certified. And what you're really paying for after that is desirability, lightweight, ventilation, that sort of thing. Helmets are going to range in price from $49 to $300. They're also going to come in about three different sizes. A good way of determining which size works for you is measuring your head. They're going to be measured in centimeters. This is what's known as a traditional road helmet. It adjusts in the back to become tighter and looser. It's well ventilated and it's relatively light. This is what's known as a time trial helmet. It's going to be far more aerodynamic. It's going to be a little bit heavier, a lot less vents. It's built for time trials and triathlons. You're not going to find this in road racing. It's not legal to race with this, but it makes a big difference if you are time trialing or if you're in a triathlon. Riding without a helmet is just plain dumb and I really, really recommend always riding with your helmet.

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