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2 Bike Race Climbing Strategies

Learn two bike race climbing strategies from racer Alexander Barouh in this Howcast road cycling video.


Climbing can be a really challenging aspect to competitive cycling.
There's two basic ways of climbing. One is seated and the other is
standing. Both are very important to learn. When you're seated, you're
going to find that your cadence is going to be a little bit faster.
What I mean by cadence is your pedal stroke - the number of rotations
per minute you do. When you're standing, you are going to be using
different muscles. It's actually going to be a little bit harder, but
it actually allows you to rest certain muscles that you've been using
when you're sitting and use them when you're climbing. The idea is to
move back and forth. Sit for a little bit. Stand for a little bit.
Move back to sitting. Another tip for standing is you want to make the
gear a little bit harder than when you're sitting. When you stand,
you're actually putting more power down. You are using more of your
body weight. You can actually push a larger gear. Shifting down one
actually allows you to climb a little bit better. A quick tip for
racing and climbing is if you realize you're not a great climber and a
hill is coming up, you want to move to the front of the pack and slowly
drift back as you climb. This allows you to stay with the pack. If you
start of the back of the pack at the beginning of the climb, you're
going to be off the back and your race is done. Now, I'm going to show
you a few ways to climb. When you stand, you want to put your hands on
the hoods. You're going to stand up and most of your body's actually
going to be over the front of your bike and most people, either rock the
bike back and forth, keeping their body straight, or other people keep
the bike straight and they move their body back and forth. It really
depends on what you're more comfortable with. That's how to climb.


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