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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough Part 4 - Corruption

Check out part 4 and destroy the evidence in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the third-person shooter from Slant Six Games and Capcom.


USS Command: The failure to contain virus samples has left Umbrella in a precarious situation. Hunk is not responding. The UBCS-wing has deployed their forces.

UBCS Commander: UBCS Team Four, report.

UBCS Soldier 1: Command, we're seeing a lot of RPD and civilian activity in the downtown area.

UBCS Soldier 2: Team Five, reporting. Gunfire near the hospital! Command, we have a positive contact!

UBCS Commander: Understood. Move to contain.

911 Dispatch: Ma'am, please calm down. What is the nature of your emergency?

Female: They're trying to get in the windows! Please help us!

Male: Oh my God! They're in the house! Run! Run!

911 Dispatch: Ma'am? Ma'am!

UBCS Soldier 3: Our line is breached. We can't hold them off!

UBCS Soldier 4: They're everywhere!

UBCS Soldier 5: Containment failed! We need extraction!

USS Command: To ensure Umbrella's survival, the story of what happened must never be told. We need to make sure the truth dies along with each scrap of evidence and every survivor. Umbrella Security Service Task Force, commence Operation Raccoon City.

Vector: Let's move out. Our objective, City Hall is up ahead.

Spectre: Umbrella is making us responsible for this accident.

Lupo: Yes, and that's why we are being redeployed. Let's hope things go according to plan.

Vector: Command will not be happy with us until we can assure them they will not be connected with the outbreak. Command, position one reached.

USS Command: Position confirmed. Wolfpack, proceed into the Cold Zone.

Spectre: Quite.

Beltway: Heard something.

Lupo: There's something up ahead, weapons ready. Hold your fire! He's UBCS.

Nicholai: Nicholai Ginovaef, UCBS D-Platoon, B-Squad. You're Umbrella's Security Service? Upper management must be in a panic if they sent you.

Lupo: Save it. What are you doing here?

Nicholai: My team was sent here to rescue citizens, but there's no time for that. City Hall is a mess. I'm trying to find a safe zone.

Lupo: There is no safe zone. What's going on in there?

Nicholai: City Hall is crawling with infected and some unidentified military personnel. They're looking for something. Why? What are you doing?

Spectre: Enough. I say we silence him.

Lupo: He's UBCS. He'll get himself killed somehow. We've got orders. Let's move.

Nicholai: All the best with your mission.

USS Command: The City Hall has been locked down. Access the Security Room and override it.

Spectre: Copy that, Command.

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