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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough Part 8 - Lights Out

Check out part 8 of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the third-person shooter from Slant Six Games and Capcom.


USS Command: A number of survivors in Raccoon City may still have information that could damage the corporation. We don't have time to hunt them down individually so we're going to have you knock out a power grid that will take down the city's telecommunications. We can't let anything get out that might link us to the outbreak.

We are sending you some Electro-Magnetic Pulse generators that you will use to deactivate the power plant in the northern sector of the city. A supply chopper is inbound with the generators. Rendezvous with is on the Raccoon City Hospital rooftop helipad.

Lupo: Objective confirmed. We're moving to the hospital now.
Nicholai: Good evening, Umbrella Security Service. Hope you haven't forgotten your friend Nicholai. I see you escaped my visual diversion at City Hall.

Bertha: Oh, Nicholai. The UBCS dog.

Nicholai: Unfortunately my client can't have you interfering with our little side project. So I've rigged up a few toys to keep you busy.

Bertha: Oh! Zombies go boom. Better stay away.

Nicholai: My little contraptions seem to be working perfectly. You and your clever ball.

Man 1: Check your fire.

Bertha: Bertha will always fix you up good.

Uh oh.Sounds like something nasty trying to get out.

Mutations coming at us!

Out of bullets.

Bertha will always fix you up there.

Trip mines! Watch out for the lasers and shoot them if you find any.

USS Command: Delta Team, the EMP supply chopper is inbound. Get to the roof!

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