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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough Part 14 - Gone Rogue

Check out part 14 and repair the Nemesis in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the third-person shooter from Slant Six Games and Capcom.


Bertha: Sounds like a gunfight. The Nemesis must be nearby.

Command, we've reached the warehouse.

USS Command: Good. There should be a computer terminal inside. Use it to gain access to the B.O.W. programming facility.

Bertha: Ugh, I'm terrible with the computers.

Lupo: That's it. The security system is down.

USS Command: This is the facility where we program the highest grade B.O.W.'s with the NE-a parasite before sending them into the field. That T-103 is a failed experiment. You'll be extracting the parasites from it's brain to implant in the Nemesis. Collect the necessary components.

Bertha: Ooh, sounds like an operation. This could be fun. Hmm, nice facility. I could have some fun in here.

Ooh, look at the little guy.

USS Command: This is one of our most secret facilities and it contains some of our most dangerous specimens. Exercise caution.

Bertha: Ooh, the sight of an operating table gets me excited.

USS Command: All right. Now find a large syringe.

Bertha: I can feel the virus, slowly into my veins.

USS Command: Now carefully extract the parasite from the T-103's neural-cortex.

Bertha: The virus, it is flowing through my veins.

Command, we've successfully extracted the parasite.

USS Command: Good. Now locate the rogue Nemesis and repair it.

Victor: Shit! The Tyrant's reactivating.

Bertha: That Tyrant is attacking everything.

Lupo: The door is locked. Look, multiple key-card slots. We need those cards!

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