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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough Part 16 - Expendable

Check out part 16 and pay a visit to the boys in blue in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the third-person shooter.


USS Command: Management needs you at the Raccoon City Police Department. Umbrella had a secret arrangement with Police Chief Brian Irons guaranteeing the cooperation and discretion of the Police Department. It has come to our attention that he has been compiling information implicating Umbrella in a variety of "morally questionable" activities. He may be looking to use the information to extort Umbrella. Get rid of his intel and make sure there aren't any police officers left to report anything. The prospect of extraction is high if the mission is a success.

Lupo: Copy. We're on it.

USS Command: Good. Time is at a premium, so get a move on, Wolfpack. Over and out.

Lupo: Maybe after this we can finally get out of here.

The dogs are gone. Shit!

Command, we've entered the police station. No sign of survivors.

USS Command: The Intel you're looking for is in the Police Chief's office. Take care of it. The Intel should be in that office somewhere.

Lupo: Here we are. That's it?

Spectre: That's it. Now we get out of this shithole.

USS Command: It's about time. Management has been getting nervous. That should be it for Raccoon City. No one's left to expose us. Now get out of there and we'll arrange your extraction.

Lupo: Reloading.

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