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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Walkthrough Part 22 - Redemption

Check out part 22 and ride some elevators in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the third-person shooter from Slant Six Games and Capcom.


Lupo: Command, this is Wolfpack. We are pinned down and destroying massive amounts of your precious BOWs. It is in your best interest to evacuate us immediately.

Beltway: Command, you need to evacuate us ASAP. Get us out of here. Fuck you!

Lupo: Command, if you're even listening, we need extraction immediately.

USS Command: Delta team, come in, over.

Lupo: Delta team reporting.

USS Command: We've been impressed by your actions.

Lupo: I don't give a shit about...

USS Command: Management feels we were a bit too quick to judge your unit perhaps a little harsh. Therefore, we have reluctantly agreed to your request for extraction. However, to carry our your wish, you will need to deal with the spies that have infiltrated our laboratory facility. Your new objective is to get to the facility, identify the spies and kill them. Transmitting coordinates.

Lupo: You need to give us answers. Why did you...?

USS Command: Terminating transmission. Command out.

Beltway: Can we trust those fuckers at HQ?

Bertha: They've seen what we can do. Of course they will extract us.

Beltway: Just for the record, we should make them pay.

USS Command: The elevator controls have been sabotaged. You'll have to use the train elevator to access the lower levels.

Bertha: We can use the control panel here to reach the lower level. I'm getting tired of these things.


Ada: They're already on to me? Incoming. Live grenade.

Beltway: Fuck. She got away.

Bertha: Perfect.

More SpecOps, eh? We'll kill them too.

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