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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 2 - Chaos Bahamut

Vince gets distracted by a shiny robo-bird while fighting Chaos Bahamut in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Caius: Let's not waste time. The goddess made a wise choice. Powers of chaos, bend to my will. Keeping up?

Lightning: So you want to destroy everything?

Caius: Oblivion is the fate of all things. Now it's my turn. Pathetic.

Lightning: Let's end this. You're done!

Caius: Not today. I must thank you. In these final moments, I have met my finest opponent.

Lightning: You're finished, Caius! Etro's gate? Of course. The one from the vision. I know your name. Noel Kreiss.

Noel: What?

Lightning: Quickly!

Noel: What in the...?

Lightning: I'm here!

Noel: Where am I?

Lightning: Valhalla. You prayed for a miracle, and that brought you here. Or am I wrong?

Noel: How did you know?

Lighting: From Valhalla, I can see everything.

Noel: But, who are you?

Lightning: Lightning. Time for a real fight. Like that?!

Noel: Look out! Here it comes! What now?

Lightning: Going to get worse. He's holding back. He's testing us. This is the power of Chaos.

Noel: Are you the goddess of Valhalla?

Lightning: I never said I was a goddess. Take that weapon. Curse you, Chaos!

Noel: How do we fight him?

Lightning: This is not your battle. There's something else I need you to do.

Noel: What?

Lightning: Bring my sister to me. Her name is Serah.

Noel: Okay.

Lightning: You'll need to use the portal. Your time-gazing friend should have told you how it works.

Noel: That's a gate? But why me?

Lightning: Because you're the only one who can. You crossed the Void and made it to Valhalla. You can find Serah, and together, you can change the future.

Noel: Wait! I can change the future?

Lightning: Yes. A good luck charm. Give him to Serah.

Noel: Right. You got it. I'll track her down. What's happening?

Caius: Enjoying your little chat?

Noel: Caius?

Lightning: Get to the gate. I'm counting on you.

Noel: Okay.

Lightning: Go. Not this again. Odin! Do it.

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