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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 5 - Winding Way

Vince traverses the Winding Way in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Female: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...

Lightning: I know your name, Noel Kreiss.

Serah: What?

Noel: Then you're going to have to go through me! Can you fight? Curiosity killed the cat, you know.

Serah: Where are you from? Somewhere inside Cocoon?

Noel: Cocoon? Huh. So I guess it still exists in this age. Uh, I have traveled around a lot, following the herds. Ever since I was born.

Serah: Wait, what do you mean? You were born on Pulse?

Noel: Wow!

Serah: What's up Noel?

Noel: I just din't think it would be that beautiful. Cocoon, I mean.

Serah: Thank God that meteorite didn't land by the village. What do you mean by, "in the legend"?

Noel: The legend about Cocoon and how it was held up in the sky by a crystal pillar? We all knew that story.

Serah: Seems funny to call it a legend. It's only been three years.

Mog: Kupokupo!

NORA Member 1: If I see another meteorite, I'm going to shoot it down.

Mog: Kupo?

NORA Member 1: The meteorite came down out towards Cocoon.

NORA Member 2: I wonder where Gadot is.

NORA Member 3: Oh, man! Yuj really drives us hard. What's the deal with rocks falling from the sky?

Gadot: Huh. Serah! Still in one piece? We're seeing lots of unfriendly critters around that meteorite. Oho, who's this?

Serah: This is Noel. He helped Lebreau and me out of a tight spot.

Gadot: Is that right?

Noel: Hey.

Gadot: I'm Gadot.

Noel: Okay, take it easy, big guy. I am not here to make trouble for anyone.

Gadot: You better not. Anything happens to Serah and the boss'll string your carcass out to dry.

Noel: The boss? Who's that?

Gadot: He ain't here right now!

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