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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 6 - Gogmagog

Vince gets swiped by Gogmagog in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Noel: Even the sentry bots couldn't handle those things.

The meteorite came down out towards Cocoon.

Huh? What's going on here?

Serah: Am I dreaming?

Noel: I see it too. Pretty sure it's no dream.

What is that?

Serah: Oh! Hey, Yuj.

Yuj: Hey. So this is the famous Noel, huh?

Serah: Yep.

Noel: I guess news travels fast.

Yuj: Lebreau told me how you helped her out. I'm Yuj. Nice to meet you.

Noel: Hey, likewise.

Yuj: What's with the new styling threads, Serah? Not exactly a dress-up-and-hit-the-town kind of occasion.

Serah: You want to try them on? They might look better on you.

Yuj: I don't think so. Wouldn't want to show you up or anything.

Okay, I better get going. See you guys later.

Serah: Bye.

Noel: More of them.

Serah: Maybe it's an illusion.

Maqui: Weird! How did these plants grow so fast? I don't get it. Must be pockets of unstable time or something.

Noel: More meteorite phenomena?

Maqui: You got that right. Look at this stuff. Ever since that rock came down, we've been seeing all kinds of aberrations.

Serah: Do you have any idea what's happening?

Maqui: Not the slightest clue. Some spots seem to have sped forward centuries. But other parts haven't changed at all.

Noel: So these areas are from different timelines, realities blending together, like two ages overlapping. That about right?

Maqui: Right! It's exactly like that!

Serah: I wonder, did that meteorite come from another world?

Maqui: Like another dimension or another time?

Noel: It fell here from Valhalla. Let's keep moving. If we learn more about the rock, then we'll know more.

Maqui: Man, I can't believe this!

Let's destroy that damn thing.

Is this really our town?

Noel: Cocoon is gone.

My eyes must be playing tricks on me.

This is not happening. This is not happening.

Gadot: What's going on?

Noel: We made it.

Serah: Wait up!

What is that place? Noel, do you know?

Noel: Yeah.

Serah: Wait. What happened to Cocoon? It's not there?

Noel: Well, you're looking at a different time. That's the world I come from. In my world, Cocoon doesn't exist. When I was born, the sky was already empty. Tell me, how many years has it been since Ragnarok appeared and Cocoon fell?

Serah: Well it's 3 AF. So that was three years ago.

Noel: For me, all that happened 700 years in the past. I was born and raised in another time, 700 years in the future.

Serah: Yes, I knew it. I knew you weren't from this world.

Noel: I'm the last of humanity.

Gadot: Hey!

Noel: Serah, I can take you there. We can find Lightning together. I know she wants to see you.

Gadot: You're full of it.

Maqui: Yeah, that's impossible.

Yuj: Lightning's gone, man.

Serah: Gadot.

Noel, do you know where my sister is?

Noel: Come with me.

Serah: What's happening?

Maqui: Whoa! Far out!

Noel: You see? It's a time gate.

Gadot: What do you mean, time gate?

Yuj: What the?

Noel: It's like a portal. Lightning is in a place called Valhalla. She's waiting on the other side.

Serah: I couldn't turn my eyes away. I knew the answer lay beyond that gate. The answer to my doubts and dreams.

On the broad plain beneath Cocoon, my sister once celebrated my marriage to Snow. I remember her smile like it was yesterday. But sometime, when I wasn't looking, she disappeared. She was gone as if she'd never been there in the first place.

Lighting, are you out there? Did I dream that day on pulse or did it really happen? Noel says he can find you. But is he telling the truth?

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