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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 7 - Lightning's Knife

Vince resolves to grow an afro for his baby chocobo in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Serah: Noel says he can find you. But is he telling the truth? Noel's world was a terrible place where Cocoon did not exist. He had traveled back in time to change that bleak future. Or so he told us.

Noel: Listen, when different eras overlap, all kinds of crazy stuff happens. Objects from different times get mixed up. If you want to open a gate and travel through time, you have to find one of those objects. They're called artefacts.

Serah: Artefacts?

Noel: The keys to the future. They're anachronisms, relics of a different world. Basically things that don't belong in your time. If we can find one, we might be able to use it to open the gate. Then we could cross time and travel to Lightning's world.

Serah: Could Noel be telling the truth? Beyond that gate, in a place called Valhalla, is lightning alive and waiting for me? Can I dare to hope again, after all this time? Oh, how I want to believe. I want my sister back! So much happened the night the meteorite fell. We all had a lot to think about. I wonder if anyone slept.

Good morning.

Gadot: That impact site is off-limits for now.

Maqui: Shouldn't we check it out though? Just going to make everyone more nervous if we don't.

Gadot: It's not safe near that thing. There's monsters everywhere.

Yuj: If only Snow were here. He'd know how to handle this nightmare.

Lebreau: Now don't start whining.

Serah: You were up late last night, Maqui. Big project?

Maqui: P-project? Yeah, I was, uh, working on something for Snow. That thing, you know?

Yuj: So you're just taking him at his word? He says he's from the future, but where's the proof?

Serah: I guess you're right. It's just hard after I had that dream about Lightning. You know what I mean?

Gadot: Hey, Serah. Listen, what's the deal with you and that Noel guy, anyway?

Serah: If I said I was going with him, would you stop me?

Gadot: Let you run off with some con artist? I'd beat him half to death first.

Noel: Let's meet outside once you're ready. Okay?

Lebreau: Morning!

Serah: Good morning to you!

Lebreau: You slept okay then? Your new friend talked a lot about Lightning. I kind of figured you'd be tossing and turning all night.

Serah: I don't think my sister would want me moping around.

Noel: Serah, wait up for me.

Serah: All this talk about artefacts and gates and time travel. To be honest, I don't know if I'm ready to believe it.

Noel: Serah. There's still so much I don't understand myself. If we can actually find an artefact, then I'll know what I've been saying is true. And once we open the gate, you'll be able to put some of your doubts to rest as well. So what do you think? Will you search for the answers with me? Give me a chance and I'll prove that it's true.

Serah: It looks like Mog has found something.

Noel: Let's check it out.

Serah: What?

Noel: Is that the artefact?

Serah: This is Lightning's knife. I keep it in my room, but how did it get out here? Hey, look there. Snow!

Snow: Serah!

Serah: Come on!

Snow: Okay!

Hope: It's her knife. I found it near the base of the pillar.

Serah: Snow!

Snow: Serah, I'm sorry. She must be inside the pillar. Lightning's holding up Cocoon along with Vanille and Fang.

Serah: Wait, what are you talking about!? She was right here a second ago! I saw her. We talked. She gave us her blessing. I won't forget that moment. Lighting was happy, happy that Snow and I were getting married. She laughed, and said, "Congrats."

Snow: Serah.

Serah: But then, all of a sudden, Lightning disappeared. She was gone, like she was never there to begin with. No one else remembered her smiling and laughing. No one but me.

Noel: All your friends think your sister is inside that pillar.

Serah: I was scared. People said I was dreaming. They said... They said I was just making up stories so that I didn't have to face the truth.

Noel: Listen, Serah. Your memories are the truth. Lightning is alive. The question is, why are you the only one who remembers?

Serah: Well, perhaps history changed, somehow?

Noel: You mean, your memories are true, but history was altered afterwards?

Serah: Of course, that's not really possible. I know that. But I just don't understand how I can remember it so clearly, when no one else can. Weird. The knife looks like it's been polished.

Noel: Maybe someone was cleaning it out here and then forgot about it. I don't think this is our artefact, though.

NORA Member: Sorry to tell you, the mountain path is off-limits. Gadot's orders. We can't go near the meteorite right now.

Serah: Wait, I remember. Wasn't there another path along the shore?

NORA Member 1: Now that you mention it, there is another route along the shore that the surfers use. There's a path that appears when the tide's low. You can't use it right now, though.

Nell: Hey you guys, did you see a medical kit lying around anywhere? I thought I'd left one in NORA House, but I can't seem to find it. I'm guessing someone had a use for it during that ruckus yesterday. Pulse is a dangerous place, and I don't have the supplies to deal with serious injuries. If you find the kit, can you bring it to me?

Thank you. My other kits are practically empty. And we still have people to treat. I put in an order for supplies, but deliveries take forever to arrive. I'm counting on you.

NORA Member 2: He makes me so mad sometimes!

Gadot: Hey there, Serah. Sorry, but I'm not letting anyone near that meteorite just yet.

Serah: All right then. Hey, Gadot? What do you think those artefact things are? You know, the keys Noel was talking about.

Gadot: How should I know? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Serah: So you do know something?

Gadot: No, I got no idea! You're not actually swallowing any of that crap, are you?

Serah: I have to give him a chance at least.

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