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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 8 - Snow's Necklace

Vince chases cats and kids in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Yuj: Hi Serah, did you find one of those artefact things?

Serah: Not yet. Have you been looking too?

Yuj: I'd try if I had any idea what I was looking for. You know, Serah . . .

Serah: What?

Yuj: Never mind. Forget it.

Serah: What's going on? What is an artefact anyway?

Noel: No one knows. Only that it's something that "doesn't belong" in this time.

Serah: Did someone in the future tell you about gates and artefacts?

Noel: Yeah but, now all I have is memories. I wish I'd thought to ask more questions while I had the chance. These disturbances are all happening in the area around the impact site. I'd say our best best is to search around the town.

Serah: I miss the fireworks of old Bodhum. Wait, the cat isn't an artefact, is it?

Noel: No, I don't think so. But maybe the cat could of picked up the artefact.

Serah: After her!

Noel: Stay on her, Mog!

Mog: Kupokupo!

Villager: Serah, who's that guy with you? Do you want me to fix something up for you?

Villager 2: The sentry bots are really useless.

Villager 3: I don't know what to do with that beehive.

Serah: Snow! So this is where you got to. And the artefact isn't here, huh?

Noel: Snow?

Mog: Kupo!

Serah: Oh yeah, she's my pet.

Mog: Kupo!

Yuj found her and brought her home.

Gadot: Hey, I don't see why not.

Maqui: I think we should keep her, too. Just as long as she doesn't make a mess in my workshop.

Lebreau: Are you sure you can look after her?

Yuj: Can't we all do it? I mean, we are one big family, right?

Gadot: Maqui will do it.

Maqui: You too.

Serah: Thanks. She's adorable.

Maqui: She really does have a . .

Serah: I thought I could hide it from them. But they knew. They saw right through me. I'd lost Lightning and then Snow. But those guys, they really tried to cheer me up.

Noel: So it hasn't been all bad?

Serah: No, not at all. Life is harder here, compared to back on Cocoon. But everyone sticks together. Even in the tough times, we have each other. That helps.

Noel: Those friends of yours are like family, aren't they?

Serah: Yeah. But without Snow, I still feel lonely as can be. Even with all these friends around me.

Noel: You and Snow want the same thing. I'm sure you'll find each other again. We're way off track.

Serah: Where else should we look?

Noel: Mog, help us out here!

Mog: Kupo!

Serah: Look, the moogle's reacting to the kids!

Mog: Kupopopo!

Noel: Yeah, but I don't think he's just looking for playmates. I just want to relax on the couch.

Mog: Kupokupo!

Serah: Good morning!

Boy: Look! Miss Serah!

Serah: These are my students. I teach their classes.

Noel: A school teacher, huh?

Girl: Right!

Serah: I'm so glad you're all safe.

Boy: Yeah!

Serah: Now, did everyone do their homework?

Girl: I did mine! Cause I didn't want you getting mad at me like the last time.

Noel: Seems like you'd be soft on kids, but you're pretty strict, huh?

Children: Meanie Miss Farron!

Serah: I'm not that bad!

Children: Meanie Miss Farron!

Serah: Come on! You know, I'm only strict because my teacher was strict. Lightning must of rubbed off on me.

Noel: My grandmother was a teacher, too. She taught me everything I know. She taught me about Gran Pulse and its history.

Serah: What was your grandmother like?

Noel: I was always her favorite. She kind of spoiled me. She lived until she was 50, so she had a lot to teach me.

Serah: Fifty? But she was still so young.

Noel: Life spans were longer during this age. If my grandmother were still alive, I could've learned so much more. I could of ... I could've handled things better.

Maqui: That's the kid I was looking for! I knew my eyes weren't playing tricks on me!

Rhett: It's Maqui! I better get out of here!

Noel: Hey, what's he got there?

Serah: Let's follow him!

Man: Gadot really knows how to work people.

Boy: Can I eat lunch at Nora's store?

Serah: What are you running from?

Noel: Watch it! Don't go that way!

Male: But I want to know, what is this gate?

Guard: Anyone else . . .

Noel: Ah ha!

Serah: There, now we've got you!

Rhett: Miss Farron . . .

Serah: Listen up, mister, and you listen good! Start talking or your homework gets tripled!

Rhett: No! Please, please! Anything but that!

Noel: Not exactly making friends, are we?

Serah: Why did you run away? I promise I won't get mad if you tell me.

Rhett: I know you say you won't get mad at me, but I can't tell you. I don't want to get yelled at.

Noel: That kid was trying to get away from Maqui. I bet you anything he was up to no good.

Serah: I hope you're not misbehaving. It makes me sad when my students don't behave.

Rhett: I'm sorry, Miss Farron. Guess I'll own up. The truth is, I stole something from Maqui.

Noel: And that's why he was chasing you?

Serah: What did you take?

Rhett: This necklace. It belongs to you, doesn't it?

Serah: Hey, wait!

What was he doing with this, anyway?

Noel: That belongs to Maqui, doesn't it?

Serah: No, it's mine. It's a reminder of a promise a good friend made me.

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