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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 10 - Gogmagog Beta

Vince strikes a pose in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Noel: You want to take a moment to say good-bye before we leave?

Serah: Thanks, I think I'm okay.

Rhett: Miss Farron, are you leaving us?

Serah: Why do you say that?

Rhett: It's just that some people were talking and it would be lonely if you left.

Serah: There's no need to feel lonely. Don't worry. This is my home. I love it here. If I do leave, I'll always come back. I promise.

Noel: What an exhausting day.

NORA Member 1: People have been talking. That Noel fellow seems like a good man to have around.

Serah: Yep! He even saved my life once.

NORA Member 1: You guys make a really good team, you know that? I bet snow would be jealous if he found out.

NORA Member 2: If you're heading to the gate, try the shortcut along the shore. You can use the mountain path too, now that it's not blocked off.

Serah: The gate is where the meteorite fell. So we should head towards Cocoon, right?

Noel: You know, it must be strange to have it there, always watching over you. We don't have enough manpower.

Serah: Work with me.

Noel: There's still monsters around. Keep a lookout.

Serah: I will. You be careful too, Noel. Sorry.

NORA Member 3: Just as expected. Come on and get it, you monsters! You know the security bots can do our job.

Serah: I'm glad we found the artifact.

NORA Member 4: If you're heading to the gate, take this shortcut. Gadot said you were free to come and go as you please.

Serah: Goodbye.

Noel: Wish they were all that easy.

NORA Member 5: We need more recruits.

NORA MEmber 6: It's really scary out here at night. Enemies. Not again!

Serah: Not again!

Noel: Bad news for him. Come on. Here!

Serah: Well, try this!

Noel: Here!

Serah: Ah! Work with me.

Noel: Are you sure you're ready? You know, once we go through, there might be no coming back.

Serah: Yes, I'm ready to go. It's not a dream or a lie. I know my sister is alive out there. I'm sorry I doubted you. Of all people, I should know how bad it can make you feel when no one believes what you say. Snow put all his trust in me. Now it's my turn to do the same for you. I've made up my mind. You and I, we go together.

Noel: I won't let you down. We'll find Valhalla, I promise.

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