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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 11 - Unseen Intruder

Vince experiences deja vu in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Noel: So you're not going to say good-bye?

Serah: There's no need. We already have, sort of.

Gadot: Quiet.

Serah: Lightning's knife. It's been sharpened and cleaned.

Maqui: Aw, you did that.

Gadot: Hey, shut up, shut up!

Serah: Look, my pendant has a brand-new chain.

Maqui: Ow, okay.

Serah: And Snow was purring like a kitten. Someone gave him a good brushing.

Maqui: Quiet!

Noel: Hey!

Lebreau: Why don't you guys go fess up? Go on. You too.

Maqui: Hey, Serah. I figured no way you're leaving the pendant behind. So I made a chain. You know, so you wouldn't lose it.

Gadot: If Lightning is alive out there, wouldn't want her getting mad over a poorly maintained weapon. You know her.

Yuj: If you leave, someone's got to pick up the slack looking after Snow. So I volunteered myself.

Serah: Thanks, guys. It's time for me to go. I don't know what's waiting out there, in the future, between worlds. But I want to see Lightning so much. If there's any chance, any chance at all, I want to take it.

Lebreau: You can go. But you have to come back in one piece. Promise?

Serah: I promise. If I believe, maybe a miracle will happen.

Noel: The future won't change until you make the first step.

Gadot: You know what you're doing, right?

Noel: Well, I can't say that I do. This is the first time I've opened a gate myself. Guess we'll just have to find out.

Gadot: Hey! What about Serah?

Noel: I'll protect her. I promise you. I vow never to let her come to harm.

Lebreau: Gadot.

Noel: Trust me. For Serah's sake.

Serah: I guess this is it.

Noel: Guess so. Looks like the future starts now.

Serah: I'll be back!

Yuj: Serah!

Lightning: Serah, you set out on your journey for my sake. You believed in a promise. You believed in a future you could not see. I will keep fighting here, at the end of the world. I know you will come. I believe in you.

Girl: Serah.

Mog: Kupo!

Serah: This place is incredible.

Noel: It's the Historia Crux. The crossroads of the time continuum.

Serah: So this is how you were able to travel backwards from the future?

Noel: Right. Just floated through this nowhere space. And now it's your turn.

Mog: Kupo.

Woman: Rejecting the easy path, humanity has chosen to build a society based on human technology, rather than relying on the fal'Cie. A provisional government has replaced the Sanctum, and a scientific organization calling itself the Academy searches ruins for ancient technological secrets. One such site is on the shores of Lake Bresha, where a giant war weapon has been unearthed.

Lightning: When reaching for the future, we sometimes fall into the past. As we gaze upon events that cannot be changed, our hearts grow bitter with regret. And you, my dear Serah, will you encounter your past here? How will you choose to deal with that pain?

Mog: Kupo. Kupo!

Serah: This is Cocoon.

Noel: Really? Are you sure?

Serah: Yeah, check it out. You can see the ground above us.

Mog: Kupo.

Noel: Wow. So this is how Cocoon look from the inside.

Serah: That's right, I forgot. This is your first time here.

Noel: Yep.

Mog: Kupo!

Noel: Look!

Serah: What is that?

Mog: Kupo!

Noel: Look out!

Soldier: Move!

Noel: Get up!

Mog: Kupo.

Serah: An arm?

Noel: Yeah, and not looking to shake hands, I'm guessing.

Serah: Noel!

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