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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part 14 - Monster Crystals

Vince learns about the paradigm pack in FFXIII-2, the RPG from Square Enix and tri-Ace.


Serah: What? The monster turned into crystal!

Mog: Servant of time. Daughter of chaos. Unto the world unseen, the untamed you guide.

Noel: Huh. What do you know? It talks.

Serah: Wait, what do you mean, guide the untamed?

Mog: Your power over monsters, kupo.

Serah: Over monsters?

Noel: Now that you mention it, Lighting had monsters fighting with her in battle.

Mog: You can do the same, kupo.

Serah: This power, can you show me how it works? I want to learn how to protect myself. Might as well start now.

Mog: Kupo! Kupo!

Serah: What just happened?

Noel: Looks like we're getting overlap from another reality. Atlas has disappear into another world, or another time, I guess.

Serah: We did it! Go, go go! That's it!

Noel: Another gate? Figures.

Serah: And we need an artefact to open it, right?

Noel: Right. They key is something that doesn't belong...

Mog: Kupo!

Noel: We can't activate the portal without the key. First we have to figure out what opens this gate.

Serah: Wouldn't Atlas be the key?

Noel: Bingo. I heard legends that people from centuries past were responsible for building him. But that was in my past. It's still years ahead of this present. My guess is that he's a weapon from your future.

Serah: So Atlas definitely doesn't belong in this time. If we can stop him, then maybe we'll find the artefact we need.

Noel: Maybe. It's worth a shot at least.

Mog: Kupo?

Chester: Exploring, are we? Might want to be careful in here. Someone spotted a Cie'th in one of the tunnels, deeper in the ruins. We haven't seen a Cie'th on Cocoon for several years now. There's definitely something spooky going on here. I hope someone takes care of it soon. You think you can handle one of those monsters? Maybe you should just leave it to the soldiers. A creature like that shouldn't even be here. With the paradox effect thrown in, there's no telling what it's capable of. Watch your step, and be ready for anything.

Captain: Sorry, I can't deal with you right now. I'm in the middle of a crisis here. One of my men lost an experimental drug that our unit was testing. It's a reaction-enhancing substance. The kind of thing that civilians shouldn't be playing around with. If the substance was stolen, there's no telling where it will end up. We have to retrieve it immediately.You'll help us search for the capsules? We could certainly use an extra hand or two. We're missing two capsules. They look just like ordinary medicine. If you find them, bring them directly to me.

Chocolina: Choco-boco-lina! Welcome! Get your traveling products here at Chocolina's emporium! The beauty's all mine, but the products can be yours, but only if you show me the money! This might be a once in a lifetime choco-mazing opportunity, so don't miss out!

Serah: Hi there. I'm a little overwhelmed and slightly confused, to be honest. So you run a shop?

Guard: We had some supply stations around here then they sort of disappear. Probably another paradox side effect.

Mog: Leave it to me, kupo! Kupo!

Serah: Go Mog!

Mog: How's that, kupo?

Serah: Nothing's happening.

Mog: Something there, kupo?

Serah: Come on, Mog!

Mog: Found it, kupo!

Noel: No way!

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