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Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Part 2 - A Long Ride

The wheels on the bus stop going round and round in Silent Hill: Downpour, the survival horror game from Vatra Games.


Man 1: Buckle up and get cozy. We got a long ride ahead of us.

Man 2: You have a good nap, guero? Tell me something, puta. That true what I heard about you? Did you really do it?

Woman: Shut the hell up.

Man 2: Fuck you, guero!

Woman: I said lock it up, damn it!

Murphy: Okay, think. Find the highway, pt some ground between yourself and the bus. Hello? Can anyone hear me? No way I'm going to make it. I can't even see the other side. This is crazy.

Woman: That's far enough. Get your ass down on the ground, now! Hands where I can see them. Do it!

Murphy: Take it easy. I'm not going anywhere.

Woman: I said on the ground, now.

Murphy: I was just looking for help.

Woman: And you just happened to lose your cuffs in the process? Save the bullshit.

Murphy: This is stupid. I'll meet you back down at the bus, okay? You're going to get yourself killed.

Woman: Shut up. Keep your god damn hands where I can see them. Shit! Pull me up.

Murphy: Hang on.

Woman: I'm slipping. Oh, god.

Murphy: Don't let go. Don't! Shit! Damn it. I could break this look with the right tool.

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