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Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Part 12 - The Devil's Train

Enjoy the ride in Silent Hill: Downpour, the survival horror game from Vatra Games.


Murphy: Never let go of hope, Murph. One day you'll see that it's all come together. You'll look back and laugh at what's passed and you'll ask yourself, "How the hell did I get through all that?" This must be the train Sater told me about.

Woman 1: Welcome aboard the Devil's Pit historic mine train, with stops at Hillside Station and the Superstition Caverns. Please keep your hands and arms inside the train at all times and remain seated until the train comes to a full and complete stop. Failing to comply with safety regulations can result in severe injury or death. Enjoy your ride, and please, no flash photography. Before it became the charming resort town that we know and love today, Silent Hill was once a center of trade and commerce thanks to its rich seams of coal and iron ore. You are riding aboard a fully-restored mine train originally owned and operated by the Gillespie Coal and Iron Company which first began extracting ore from the Devil's Pit in 1860. This subterranean railroad was built in order to haul men and equipment as far as 1,200 meters below the surface, making it the deepest coal mine of its day. Long before the discovery of the Pit's rich coal seams, this labyrinth of limestone caves and grottoes was used by the local indigenous tribes for religious ceremonies, particularly as a gateway to the spirit realm and for communicating with the dead.

We're now descending into the Superstition Caverns, an area of the cave steeped in mystery and folklore. According to local legend in 1911, miners discovered mysterious symbols carved into the walls of a limestone grotto, leading to wild speculation about witchcraft and the occult. Soon after, a series of unfortunate accidents and reports of mysterious creatures forged the company to suspend mining operations along this seam. Today, visitors to Superstition Cavern...

Murphy: Let go!

Woman: ...occasionally report seeing ghosts or other phenomenon, leading to its continued popularity for thrill seekers and tourists alike.

Man: Did you enjoy the ride, Murphy?

Woman 2: Pendleton!

Murphy: But I saw you...

Woman 2: Hands against the wall. I said up against the wall!

Murphy: You don't have to do this. We should help each other. This place, I... I don't know what it is or how we got here but...

Woman 2: Enough already! Just shut up. What the... Where did you get this? Where in the hell did you get this?

Murphy: I just found it in these clothes. I didn't...

Woman 2: Is this some kind of sick joke to you?

Murphy: No. I swear. I don't know what's going on any more than you do.

Woman 2: On your knees.

Murphy: What?

Woman 2: On your fucking knees. You heartless bastard. You don't deserve to live. You're not fit to walk this earth while good, decent men...

Murphy: I don't know who you think I am or what you think I've done but...

Woman 2: Shut the hell up! You think this is funny, don't you? Well, let's see how funny it is with a fucking bullet in your head. I can't. I can't. I'm sorry. I can't do it. Go. What the hell are you waiting for? Leave me alone, goddammit! I'm sorry.

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