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Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Part 13 - Lost Soul on a Stroll

Keep on keepin' on in Silent Hill: Downpour, the survival horror game from Vatra Games.


Woman 1: I'm sorry.

Murphy: Hey, maybe if we can stick together we can...

Woman 1: Go away.

Murphy: Miss... Ma'am...

Woman 1: Fuck off. I think you should leave now. Oh, for god's sake, leave me alone! It's just you. I thought for a minute you were someone else.

DJ Ricks: Speaking of which this next one goes out to Murphy Pendleton, a lost soul on a stroll. You keep on keeping on bro and your pal DJ Ricks will do the same. Playing the music you all want to hear.

Murphy: Where is everybody? These must be the police call signs.

Woman 2: Anyone please? Can anybody hear this? I'm at the station in the old clock tower. Anyone, I'm waiting. Please.

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