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Silent Hill Downpour Walkthrough Part 16 - Parole Papers

Find a way to the radio station in Silent Hill: Downpour, the survival horror game from Vatra Games.


Postman: Son, in my experience, when someone's that angry it ain't a mistake. It's personal.

Homer: Damn rain never lets up, does it? Man can catch his death out here. Of course, if you could spare something to eat, I could show you another way to get around town, keep your head dry. What do you say, friend? That's a fair trade, ain't it?

Murphy: Wish I could but I don't have any food myself.

Homer: Well, if you find any, you be sure and come back here and old crazy Homer will show you a few secrets about this place. Safe travels, friend. Keep dry.

Murphy: These are my parole papers. Who is doing this? What do you want from me? What do you want from me?

Officer Coleridge: Hey, Murphy! I got your paperwork here. Take a look.

Officer Sewell: Hey, Murphy. Remember, this is a limited time offer, my friend.

Murphy: I'll let you know. What's up, Officer Coleridge?

Officer Coleridge: What was that about?

Murphy: Nothing.

Officer Coleridge: Hey, don't bullshit a bullshitter. Sewell's bad news, Murph. He doesn't do anyone favors. What are you in for with him?

Murphy: It's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Officer Coleridge: For your sake, I hope so. I don't want to get your hopes up, kid. But the parole board's looking pretty closely at your case. Don't screw this up now, not after all I've done to get you out of here.

Murphy: Don't worry, Officer Coleridge. I got it all under control. Just some unfinished business to take care of.

Officer Coleridge: What the hell are you doing in here anyway, Murphy? You're not like these guys.

Murphy: I told you, sir. Car theft, resisting and evading...

Officer Coleridge: You stole a police cruiser and led them on a ten hour chase down the eastern seaboard. What makes a guy with no priors and a clean psych do something that stupid? I think you at least owe me the truth.

Murphy: Maybe I just needed to escape from the world for a while.

Officer Coleridge: Yeah. Well, you just stay clear of Sewell and do your homework, right?

Murphy: You got it, chief.

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