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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 8 - The Destiny Stone

Check out part 8 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Agarth: Just put your hand on the Destiny Stone. It'll show me where you fit into the Tapestry of Fate.
The Destiny Stone came apart at your touch, and all around you, the tapestry of fate-- unweaving itself! And there, at the core, was the Codex of Destiny, the wisdom that the Fae used to help the first Fateweavers understand the nature of the weave! Don't you see what this means?
Shepard: That I broke your fate rock?

Agarth: Hah! A small price to pay for the Codex of Destiny. If we can find a way to read that, it might help us understand something about you. But for now, just understand this: you're changing the fate of everyone you meet. That could make you more powerful than anything that's walked this world.

Shepard:This means I'm unstoppable!

Agarth: No, you can still die or fail, but fate doesn't enforce the weave on you. Your gift is freedom, to you and to those around you, and that means I owe you a... Wait, what's that?!

Tuatha leader: Purge the abomination in the name of Gadflow[SP]!

Tuatha raider: Another mortal for the fire.

I'm going to gut you.

You're going to burn!

Another offering for Gadflow.

Alyn: That'll do. Just a moment.

Agarth: Who are you? How do we know you're not working with the Tuatha?

Alyn: I don't care if you trust me. I'm much more interested in your friend here. I'm beginning to think that these Tuatha don't like you. Now why do you think that might be? After all, someone who can change the Fate of the world? Who wouldn't want you?

Agarth: How much did you hear?

Alyn: Enough to know you're something special. Far more interesting than you were before you died, and that's saying quite a bit. Now it's my turn. What are you doing here?

Agarth: I was exploring.

Alyn: Is that so? If your wanderings are going to change the fate of everyone you meet, then perhaps you should be a little more careful. Still, your wanderings led you to find the Codex of Destiny, and here we thought it was lost to this world. Good luck understanding it. That's Fae knowledge. They don't even have a written language. The stone itself is embedded with what they know. Unseeable to mortals.

Agarth: How can I understand it?

Alyn: Normally, I'd suggest looking in Ysa, but the Fae are not fond of unexpected guests. But don't look so sad. There's still hope. When you're ready, meet me at the House of Ballads. Be on your way.

Agarth: We can't trust her. Never met a Dokkalfar who'd give me a straight answer, even with a sword at their throat. But she wasn't wrong about the codex. Just be careful doing anything she suggests. Meanwhile, we can't just ignore the Tuatha that are tracking you. We need to do something about them.

Shepard: I don't trust her either.

Agarth: Wise, but that doesn't mean she's our enemy, either. You need someone to look at that codex, and only the Fae would understand it. And she was right about tracking those Tuatha. Meet me a Didenhil, and I think I could follow them back to wherever they've made camp. I've got some final rites to perform before I leave this place. Good luck.

I've got a lot of prayers to say, before I leave here again. Meet you at Loch Diden when I'm done.

Alyn: Don't start any trouble.

Shepard: What?

Nettie: Are you here for a weapon? Going to earn a lord's favor in this ridiculous war, are you?

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