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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 9 - Join Alyn Shir

Check out part 9 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Galin: Excuse me. Proceed no farther, mortal. You're not one of our kind and the seat of Sir Sagrell will never be occupied by one so mundane. I should not be seen talking to you. It isn't good for my reputation.

Male 1: Sagrell, Slayer of Ozigan, Defender of the Crown of Haxhi has been defeated.

Male 2: You must be lost.

Alyn Shir: Glianal, I assure you it's an ancient Codex, just like in the tales.

Glianal: Intriguing, but why would such a thing be revealed to a Child of Dust?

Alyn Shir: And here I was beginning to think that you'd never show up. This is Glianal, loremaster of the House of Ballads. Give the Codex over to him and he may have your answers. Loremaster Glianal has devoted centuries to the study of lore and ancient Fae stories. The Codex you found isn't just any lorestone. Just talk to him, and I'm sure he'll be able to shed some light on the issue. Be on your way.

Glianal: You must be Lady Shir's friend. She speaks very highly of you, an occasion rare enough to be worth recording in its own right. But let's see this Codex... Oh, nothing. This is no mere lorestone, you know. The Codex of Destiny is distilled knowledge from the High King of the Fae, given to the first Fateweavers. To have such knowledge in your hands is a tremendous gift, but why did it reveal itself to you?

Surely, you have a part to play in some great tale. Perhaps you'll act as the Chosen Pawn, or even the Wisest Fool. Few Children of the Dust have ever had such an honor. Now, I can only make out some parts, but... this is odd. The Codex speaks of an exception? A void? An end to the endless? This is simply too much. The High King would never pawn such absurdity off as wisdom.

I'm afraid I cannot. This simply cannot be the true Codex of Destiny. It must be nothing more than a very impressive forgery. It speaks of impossible things, changes to Fate, death of the immortals, and other heresies. To ascribe these lies to the High King would be treason. I would thank you to take your Codex away from here. I will have no part in these lies. If there's a meaning to it, only its author could tell you. Do not bother me with such foolishness again.

Alyn Shir: Glianal spends his life cherishing old stories, but show him something truly new and he dismisses it. Tragic.

No, I'd bet my blades that it's real. Glianal may be a very learned scholar, but it's been ages since he had to learn anything new. Most Fae don't take well to new ideas. If this old fool thinks the High King would never have written the Codex, then it's all the more important that the High King see it.

Titario isn't like another Fae. I'm sure he'd be interested in you, even if you didn't have that Codex. The only problem will be meeting him. His court is in the city of Ysa, and few mortals are permitted to enter its gardens. I do know one individual who can allow you to enter. But you'll have to meet him alone.

Nyralim is more of a what than a who. You'll understand when you meet him. With any luck, he'll be more favorably disposed to you than he is to me. He's bound to be curious, at least. You'll find him in southeast Dalentarth, at Caer Nyralim. Just head towards the giant tree, and... well, you'll see. You'll have to meet him on your own. I'd accompany you, but Nyralim and I have our disagreements. Good luck with Nyralim, and ignore anything he says about me.

Male 3: I shouldn't be telling you this, but if you require healing, you can visit Green.

Sir Tarca: Good day. How can I help you? You are the mortal I've been hearing about. How dare they say you're meek. Why, to me, you look as fierce as a troll. Farewell, my friend.

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