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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 10 - Meet Nyralim

Check out part 10 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Grim Onwig: My, my. Is Star Camp being visited by a goddess? Are they all as beautiful as you? Maybe I should slap on a habit and join the Mission down the road. You're in Star Camp, home of the Travelers, dove. Now, I don't suppose you came here by accident. Ask, dove. Ask to join our number.

Oh, you're breaking my poor heart, dove, just like Crilgarin. But I trust you'll come to regret your mistake. When such a time has reached you, see me again. I'll be right here. But feel free to explore the camp, if you so like.

Lamarra: Another mortal. Nyralim says few words, and even fewer words are spoken of the children of dust. You are quite the exception. Nyralim would not mention you unless there was some pressing matter of fate. You should speak with the wise tree yourself, and learn of what has been foreseen. Go with wisdom.

Oleyn: She bested Sreng in combat fair, Fenian Cycles kept. The exploits of this maiden's role: A burdensome and heavy toll. She lived among the mortal clans and bargained with their kind, Throughout the town they stood in fear of the brilliant fighter near.

Nyralim: Come closer, little curiosity. The curious one seeks a way to the Fae, bit it has found its way to the boughs of the world tree, instead. Rest, quickling, and I may study you. My roots spread wide and deep, and I have heard what brought you here. But I cannot see where you go hence. The time of the Fae is passing. I must shelter them in their twilight, and protect them from the prismere corruption that spreads in their kin. I know your needs. But the predators circle Ysa in her nest, and I cannot allow another to enter. Ysa's end has always been certain, buried beneath prismere blades. I can only hold back the tide. But you... perhaps you can change the currents. Where you tread, you mark all you touch. Before I would help you, I must know: will you be a kind gardener, or a careless reaper?

Yes, but will it be for the better? I cannot stop you from trying, but perhaps I can guide your efforts. A tribe of trolls has been corrupted with prismere. Their matriarch, Gnarsh, has united the clans in the first step on the path of Dalentarth's demise. You can change this fate, but to what? In doing so, you may awaken a more dangerous threat. Like your ally, Alyn Shir.

She walks a dark and tangled path. A path you once walked together, before you died. But your path is your own now. Defeat Gnarsh. Remove the taint of prismere. Then I shall see who you are, if not who you will become. The troll matriarch and her brood await at Haxhi. Their corruption burns my roots and threatens our future. Walk your path and watch your ally.

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