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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 11 - Haxhi Dam

Check out part 11 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Female: I thought I'd find you here.

If you were anyone else, I'd say it was destiny. But in this case, it was that damned tree. He's got roots and branches all through this forest.

He said we should walk this path together. Thought I could help you, or maybe that you could help me.

I've never met Gnarsh -- trolls and Dokkalfar rarely invite each other to tea -- but if she's matriarch of a clan, you can be sure that she's strong.

And if she's so corrupted that Nyralim is nervous about her, then she must pose a bigger threat than most trolls.

Let's not keep Gnarsh waiting...

Trolls aren't normally this well organized. Even the biggest class never build dens this deep.

One step closer.

What are the Tuatha doing here?

Tuatha Raider: Ready to die, dustling?

Make your peace, mortal.

I smell the stink of mortal flesh.

Let's finish this.

Female: That'll do.

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