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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 16 - The Coming Storm

Check out part 16 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Narrator: High King Titarion is waiting for you. Please place the codex before him, and he will continue.

Titarion: Conceived in chaos. Birthed in stolen magic. Torn from fate. Child of two fathers. Treacheries in treacheries. Winter is broken. The puppet king upon his throne, drinking flattery and lies. The power that grows in him is not his own. In the east it did begin, as it will end. From behind the veil, she screams. Madness and rage. Madness, and rage. We realize this may be confusing for you. Fate, like the Fae, cannot be changed. But, the Tuatha are Fae who have become something new. And you are a mortal who is free from fate's weave. Gadflow claims that the Tuatha are the work of his new god. If the Tuatha are the creations of a god, what does that make you?

The time of the Fae is passing. Our land and our souls are diminishing. Few Fae even realize that the great cycle has shifted. Gadlow's war means the death of us all, Fae and mortal alike. It is written in the weave that we shall all pass from this world together. It is too late for us, but not for you. That is the fate which I look to you to change.

Even with the power of a god, you have the humility of a mortal. Perhaps this gift has found the correct person. This is a time of great change. Change we once thought was impossible. We were wrong.

That is how I understand it now. You are intertwined with the power in Alabastra. There can be no doubt of that. We do not know what will happen when you travel there, but we know that the power behind Gadflow is your ultimate goal. His god holds your answer, and the fate of this world.

Perhaps. Although you may choose your path now, you did not choose the ability to do so. We have seen those who were destined to be heroes, for whom great deeds came naturally. They come, they act, and they pass on as written. You do things, great or terrible things, not because you must, but because you choose to.

You are right. No one can force this upon you. Such is the true power of freedom. But the Tuatha and their god will continue to seek you out. And they will find you. When they do, know that while you may be unbound by fate, death can find you still. To fight it, you must assemble allies. Seek their aid to assemble your forces. Only then can you hope to resist the forces arrayed against you.

Agarth: I couldn't make out half of what the king was saying, but it sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. Good thing you won't be facing it alone. In fact, I think I've got a lead on finding an old friend of ours.

I wouldn't be so sure of that. You already died once. I'm talking about old Fomorous Hugues. Who better to have on your side than the gnome who brought you back to life? I've been asking around, and I was able to make contact with Hugues' superior. He thinks he might be able to help find him.

No. He's a crafty one. If he go away from those assassins in the lab, like you said, I'm sure he found someplace new to hid out. But if anyone's likely to know where he'd go to find safe haven, it'd be the Templar who sponsored his work. His name's Octienne. Go southeast to the Hallowlands. Templar Octienne will be waiting there to discuss how you might find Hugues.

You're not the only one on the hunt for Hugues. Octienne has followed his trail to the Hallowlands in Detyre. You'll want to talk to him.

Shir: Who would have thought you were so interesting? Death seems to have worked out very well for you. Agarth's looking for escape. Nyralim's looking for a savior, and Titarion is looking for a champion. And somehow, you're giving everyone what they want. I'm impressed.

Agreed. We are facing more important problems than your ongoing identity crisis. The Tuatha have laid siege to the eastern city of Mel Senshir for years, and the time has come to break it.

Gadflow awaits over mountainous walls, swampy forests, and rolling straits. Breaking the siege at Mel Senshir is the only way to reach him. But we are not alone in our fight. In the Plains of Erathell, there is a player who has been away from this game for far too long. It is time to contact General Tilera. Meet me in the village of Emaire. I will have more information for you there.

Be on your way.

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