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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 20 - Enemies in High Places

Check out part 20 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Nyralim: But refused to act like it. One day, while sitting under a rock and wishing to be happy, he saw Desert Runner sprinting past. "Wait,"it called to the bird, "I have a favor to ask of you!"

Varik: Yeah? Take a look at the merchandise and let me know what you think. Come again.

Man: How did you get here?

Arvia: Welcome, ageless one.

Man: Careful!

Cenner: Hold right there, newcomer, I welcome you to Adessa, but before you enter I must catalog your visit. Please answer the questiosn as truthfully as possible. It's imperative that our tallies be accurate. Now, what brings you to Adessa? When you are within our walls then it is entirely our business. I would suggest that you don't make that mistake again.

Well, unless you are peddling the clothes off your back I can assume you are here on personal business. Now tell me, from where do you come? Fo- Fortourous Hughes? You mean to say you've come from Allestar? Yes, I see it now. They were wrong about your nose, but you match the description of the one I was to look out for. We can dispense with the remainder of my questions. You are free to enter Adessa. Sandstone Villa will serve as your lodgings ... temporarily. It's no trick, newcomer. I take my duties very seriously. But I think you are right to be suspicious.

True you have been save from the squalid lodgings of the Hospitalis Quarters. But Sandstone Villa is usually saved for a ... peculiar manner of guest. It is more than unusual for one of your kind to be lodged there, in any event. Now here's your key. Welcome to Adessa. Yes, yes, go on.

Man: Yes?

Templar Jorielle: Yes? What do you want? I am not in the habit of making conversation with strangers especially ones of your stature. Please be quick. I see. Think very, very carefully about what you are saying. Octienne is a Templar. He is in a position of the highest authority. And who, may I ask, are you? For you to accuse Octienne without having a direct confession is not only meaningless, but contrary to all our procedures. Make no mistake, stranger! If you initiate hostilities with a Templar then you will become an enemy of the gnome state! Justice is pursued when a Templar confesses to his crimes. Then and only then. And Octienne will confess to nothing, I assure you. I can do no more for you. Trouble me no further with this matter, especially when you have so little evidence. We have already discussed this. Nothing short of a confession would convict him. As such, Templar Octienne will remain undisturbed in the Livarium.

Aide: Hello, I am here to send regrets on behalf of Templar Jorielle. While she wishes to extend you aid, she is stymied by protocol. What she gave you was an official response. I am here to give you another response, a personal one. I am a political aide for Templar Jorielle. I operate in a number of capacities for the Templar's official and unofficial business. It is for the best. But you are not the only one to suspect Templar Octienne. My superior has her doubts as well, but like you, she is bound by protocol. If you wish to bring Octienne to justice, he will need to publicly acknowledge his crimes. Get him to do this, and Templar Jorielle will give you the aid you seek. You wish to bring the Templar to justice, yes? Then you must get him to publicly acknowledge his crimes in some form. As my superior, no doubt told you. The Templar may be found in the Livrarium. I suggest you go there.

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