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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 22 - The Great General

Check out part 22 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.



Hello there.

Woman: Thank you for coming all this way. I don't know if you heard that but it sounds as if General Tilera is still here, in exile.

For all but losing the fortress of Mel Senshir.

Long ago, Tilera lead our forces. But then the Tuatha produced a foe she could not best. Her forces barely survived the retreat out of Klurikon.

Many blamed her for the loss. To have built up hopes so high only to have them topple - that was Tilera's crime. And she has paid for it, day after day.

In some matters, that is true enough. But you are mistaken this time. We need the siege of Med Senshir lifted. And for that, we need Tilera.

According to that Fateweaver we can find her in the Cradle of Summer searching for an artifact that can turn this war in favor of the Alfar.

She does this even though she is fated never to succeed. Aid her now and she will aid us in the battle to come.

Last I heard, General Tilera was somewhere in northern Erathell searching for a way to turn the tide of the war. I think she took a squad to Urul-Tusk.

You should be just what the General's looking for.

General Tilera: Hail. I am General Tilera ap Gwydion, former cammander of the eastern Alfar forces.

Surely you're not the aid Alyn Shir promised. She spoke as if she planned to send a whole squad of soldiers, not one faceless mercenary.

You have the bearing of one that's seen combat...but you never fought in the war or you would know who I am.

Once, I was teh commander of Mel Senshir, the Alfar fortress to the East. I held back the Tuatha at every push, before the Balor came. Then, everything fell to pieces.

Understood. But you wouldn't be the first person that Alyn Shir has used. Most of the time you don't even know she's doing it.

Not that I need any help in my misfortune. You see all those who involve themselves with me soon face disaster.

Such is the fate I have been dealt.

The years have been long since I first learned of the means that might deliver Mel Sunshir from the Tuatha.

It lies in Urul-Tusk beyond a gate fated never to be opened in a hall awash with Niskaru. Any who seek access to the ruin must face them.

These ruins are said to be the resting place of the Piercing Light, a spear carved from the tusk of the Nikaru duke, Gajaor.

The legends say it destroys any horror -- in the mind or on the battlefield. No place is more deserving of such a power as Mel Senshir.

The ruin holds the only weapon known that can slay a Niskaru Lord and the monsters inside will do anything to keep it safe.

The Erathi sealed Urul Tusk, to be opened only when "the great voices rise in song." This may refer to the Windstones scattered across the Plains, but I can't be sure.

Years ago this chime was found near the ruin. I've tried using it to make the Windstones sing, but I've had no luck. As if that's a surprise...

The inscription says the gate will open "When the great voices rise in song." I think this means the Windstones that are spread across Erathell.

There's one just a little to the south. Go there and strike this chime near it. I'll stay here to see if it has any effect.

The Windstones are located all across the Plains.

Female: We should be on the front!

The Shaper bequeathed her music to the countryside of marbled ruin.

The plains birthed the gentle grass.

Listless streams meandered through the verdant hills and babbled of their gentle travel the face of windswept cliffs.

Thus the symphony of Erathell began.

General Tilera: I...I can't believe it. The gate shifted?! For all my efforts, you simply appear and make it respond.

No one could. Not even Fateweavers. They say that fate has woven no thread to open these...and yet, you've done it.

But we must not stop here not when good fortune smiles upon us. The gate opens but you must find the remaining Windstones and strike the chimes.

I will stay here. The Niskaru within will sense the gate weakening. Someone will need to hold them back.

Go sound the chime at each Windstone in Erathell. That's the only way to open the gates.

I'll stay here and fight any Niskaru looking to sneak past us.

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