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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 26 - Breaking the Siege

Check out part 26 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Man: Then a thousand other wonders in my lands have faded, failed, and fallen still.

All I know and love is slipping fro my grasp.

Man 2: Hello mate.

Woman: Well hello stranger.

General Tilera: We have a problem.

Elund Carth refuses to send any troops to assist Mel Senshir.

The old fool never would listen to reason.

A weapon is only as strong as the one that wields and a general is only as powerful as the army she leads. We need to convince Carth to land us his aid.

You can find him in the upper city. Looking over the strait at Mel Senshir. The fool might as well be condemning the city.

They're in the city but they can't join us unless Elund Carth grants his blessing for them to go with us.

Agarth has gone to reason with him. He was a fine fighter as I recall but I do not know if his diplomacy is as practiced.

Woman: Ten years! This siege has gone on too long.

Baubles! Trinkets! Sweets!

Well hello stranger!

Elund Carth: If I can't talk any sense into you then someone else will ahve to. Damn fool.

What do you want? i am beset with petitioners these days.

Another advocate for this absurd plan to retake Mel Senshir, I take it?

It's good to see that calmer heads have prevailed.

It pains me to say it but Mel Senshir was lost long ago. These vain attempts to restore it will only lead to more death.

Look to Rathir's sister across the straight. Her battered walls. Her burned gardens. Her back broken from a decade of war.

We take in refugees. We send them food that we can spare. We try to ease their pain. But for ten years, I stood here and watched her die slowly.

And you think a failed general and an old spear will save her now? Why should we spare anything for Tilera's hopeless fantasy?

Mel Senshir stands as Rathir's eastern shield. Even now, nearly broken, she still stands.

This city can do nothing for the fortress. But perhaps its people can. The wounded we have here with to return to light for the fortress one last time.

I'll tell them to meet you at the docks. And take this as well from my own collection. May it be of use to you in the coming battle.

Go to the eastern docks in the Lower City and find Captain Dodwyn, He will oversee your journey to Mel Senshir.

Go. Save our sister across the sea, or die with her.

City Watch. Be on your way.

Move along.

Townspeople: Curios, Talismans, items of power!

Goods for sale!

Lyria light your way.

That ship sails tomorrow at dawn. Dawn!

Oh, but it's good to be back in Rathir.

Captain Dodwys: The ships are loading now for Mel Shenshir, are you ready to board?

Right away.

Tilera: know better than any of us how this will end.

Why must we fight a way that you know we will not win?

Agarth: You would still ask that, Tilera? After all you have seen?

Until I get an answer, Fateweaver.

Until then.

Agarth: Why do we fight? Because there is hope!

Because only through battle can we break the chains that fate has forged!

Don't you see? We have been given a chance.

And though some of us will die, we will die knowing that our lives are finally our own.

That we are no longer slaves to the whims of fate.

Would you throw it away, just for fear of another defeat?

Not I.

I will fight.

And if I die, I die knowing that I have made a choice, and this choice, for good or for ill was my own.

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