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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 30 - Silence Falls

Check out part 30 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Man 1: Damned swamps.

Woman 1: You, stop! State your business!

Man 1: Keep

Cydan: It is a pleasure to meet the Siege Breaker. Especially here, in a land where pleasure has been all too rare. I am Cydan the Outcast, prince in exile of the House of Sorrows. I'm here to welcome you to our home. I see the hesitation in your eyes. Although I am Fae of the Winter Court, you and I have a common enemy. You shouldn't. The Winter Fae knows that trust is a weakness. But sometimes and alliance is necessary. You accomplished a great feat here. But the Tuatha Deohn are far from defeated. I can offer my aid in your campaign. You will find my companions and me at Foes' Hearth, to the east. We can speak more there. I'd rather not talk here. Klurikon is filled with Tuatha spies. Travel to the old ruins at Foes' Hearth. We'll meet you inside, and we can talk there. Now be careful, these swamps can be treacherous.

Alyn Shir: Off into the swamps, I assume? You can't trust half the people you know. But you don't need to trust someone to have a mutual goal. Good hunting.

Illyn Doldran: Looking to restock? Illyn Doldran has what you need.

Alyn Shir: There are worse allies to have than the Winter Fae.

Woman: I didn't fight at the gates so a Fae could just walk in the front door.

Bisarane: I have waited some time for you to come, Siege Breaker. And it seems that my patience has, at least, been worthwhile. The House of Sorrows has need of your might. Aid us, and you will earn a strong ally in the war against the Tuatha Deohn. I will not deign to appeal to mortal apathy. The situation of my people is too dire for me to waste more words. Should you grow more sensible, I will be here. Hm.

Cydan: It is agreeable to see you, Siege Breaker. Klurikon can be inhospitable at times. As the Tuatha have learned, we've made sure of it. Destroying the Tuatha, of course. They've corrupted our court and sullied our lands. And we shall have our vengeance. We are the BitterFrost. The last few remnants of free Winter Fae. We have refused to bend knee to Gadflow or his God. But still, the once noble Houses of Sorrow, Pride, and Vengeance have all fallen under Gadflow's sway. Until they're freed, the Tuatha's ranks will continue to swell with the faithful. You can't fight a war on your own. And even if you could, you'd find your path barred by the House of Pride, as well as the House of Vengeance.

You need a way to strike at their heart. A way to reach Gadflow himself. And we know how you can get there. Gadflow has all but destroyed the Winter Fae, and unbalanced the Great Cycle. We have no great love for your kind, but Gadflow leads us all to destruction. His folly threatens Amular itself. You need not trust me, only my desire for the survival of this world. The Tuatha have built Prismere Chantries across Klurikon. From here, Gadflow unifies his troops, preaches the word of Tirnoch, and corrupts our land. Destroy these chantries, and disrupt Gadflow's ability to infect this land. Without Gadflow to guide them, the Tuatha in Klurikon will be disorganized and scattered. There are three of them, to the south and east. Kill their guards, then smash their crystals, and be done with them. Gadflow will try to stop you, but it's just a harmless projection. He can't hurt you, at least not directly. Go now. Break the tyrant's grip.

Gadflow: Faitful, a child of Dust is here for death! Grant their pitiful wish! So, the undying mortal from the Well has returned.

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