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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 31 - Prismere Chantries

Check out part 31 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Gadflow: So, the undying mortal from the Well has returned. Your mere existence is an abomination against all things. How can you not see this? Mortals pervert the world, twisting it to their own ends. Your unnatural new life is only the latest in a long line of your kind's debaucheries! But Tirnoch the Merciful chose me to be the cure. My army is the wildfire that will clear the land of you, and your kind!

Mortals stole the secrets of magic, and now they come to take our land. But all that they find here shall be death! Kneel before Tirnoch! You struggle against the force of a simple army. How will you fare, I wonder, against the power of a god? Only a fool denies the power they can feel. She's been speaking more and more, and she has such interesting things to say about you. Soon, Tirnoch the Merciful will come to our world in person. Then we'll see whose life is a lie, and whose life is nothing but salt and cinders.

A mortal dares to stand against Tirnoch! Strike her down and salt the Earth of her grave! Nothing may live, lest Tirnoch commands it! Kneel before Tirnoch! Try as you might, struggle as you will, you are deluded. There is no winning for you, only death. By all means, ignore me. Continue your campaign, "kill" my Tuatha. But death as you define it means little to us. The Great Cycle returns each Tuatha as Tuatha again. And every time they do, Tirnoch gets stronger. Soon, she will be born into this world. You will witness her power personally, and it will be the last thing your mortal flesh shall ever feel.

Cydan: Gadflow's voice has fallen silent in this land. The Tuatha are frightened and disorganized. They run back to Alabastra to make their final stand. We owe you much. Our eyes are opened, and our blades unsheathed. Klurikon is won, but the House of Pride stands between us and the final goal. We are now free to press forward. And I can take you to an old friend who knows the next step. I would love nothing more than to leave him in Dannestar tower to rot, but he's the only one who can get us into Alabastra. He knows of a way past the Sentinel of the House of Pride. But there will be more dangers on the path ahead. Take these blades, to prepare for whatever troubles you will face at his tower, or beyond. I'd gladly collect the hearts of every Tuatha, but even I can't find a way through their defense at the House of Pride. Only Ventrinio can do that. We can leave from a darkened tree in the Caeled Coast, to the southwest. Alyn Shir will join us there. Together, we will walk the shadow to his tower. Meet me at the Caeled Coast. The Winter Fae know of a shadow path to Ventrinio's island. We will meet again at the shadowed tree on the Caeled Coast.

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