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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 37 - House of Vengeance

Check out part 37 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Man: The jester of the King of Winter, the fool who made a mockery of life, of everything, languished in a discontent. He heard the whisperings of power, felt it's pulse. He saw visions of an endless winter, of a totality of nothingness. He was Gadflow, and he would follow the cycle no longer.

Cydan: Agarth will not be far behind you. Neither of us saw any sign of Alyn Shir on Ventrinio. A scout on the ridge above saw the Tuatha mounting for a counter attack. You should hear what he has to say before we move on. If you would rather not wait, talk with Agarth. Time is of the essence. Agarth. If he tells you he's ready, then my people are as well. Of course, if you wish to proceed with caution, the scout on the ridge will know what we're up against. Careful, this is worse than I had feared.

Agarth: Good to see you here. Ready? I am, but there hasn't been any sign of Alyn Shir or Ventrinio. Damn it all, I knew we couldn't trust her! I sent Ventrinio to keep an eye on her. He was sending me messages until recently. But there were fewer and fewer as we've gotten closer to Bhaile. We need to get through the House of Vengeance and kill the Cur. And we'll have to do it without them. He's the closest thing Vengeance has to a leader anymore. A Fae so consumed with hatred that he's little more than a beast. If you're going to get into Bhaile, the Cur has to die. No. Whatever Gadflow is doing in there, it's growing with every wasted minute. Even if Alyn didn't betray us, we don't have time to wait. Listen, you're more powerful than I ever was. If anyone can stop this, it's you. When you kill Cur, you can go into Bhaile and stop Gadflow. If we get separated, we'll keep fighting to keep an escape route open for you. Now go! Stay on guard. Try this one! Looks like this is it. Onwards! We're nearly there! Looks like this is it. Looks like this is it. Looks like this is it.

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