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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Walkthrough Part 39 - Bhaile

Check out part 39 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Woman 1: My deepest apologies for not being able to join the battle. Ventrineo was something of a hassle.

Waiting for you, of course. And cleaning up. Ventrinio attacked me. If it's any comfort, he didn't suffer. The closer we got to Bhaile, the more obsessed he became with Tirnoch. And with harnessing Tirnoch's power, just like Gadflow did. That's why he had to be stopped.

And why we need to talk about our mission. I wasn't sure I could trust you. You're not the same person you used to be. We're running out of time. I'll explain as we go. Lead on. I'm right behind you.

Woman 2: The Winter Court was still as fallen snow as the jester danced and capered. Juggling knives and torches, he sang to his lords and ladies, but none smiled.

Brash dustling, time to die. Fighting at your side, just like the old days.

Before you died. Not an eyebrow raised as the sniveling jester imitated the King. Not even when he took his crown from his head.


Because this was the day that Gadflow murdered the Winter Court.


This was the day the Tuantha were born and our people became a sacrifice for Tirnoch.

Feed the cycle! For the Mountain God!

You and I carry on a duty that has been fulfilled for centuries. We keep the world from being consumed. By greed, by war, and by Tirnoch.

The God seeks your sacrifice. Feed the dirt, dustling!

When Gadflow's army arose, we recognized Tirnoch's tainted influence. Only a force like her could warp eternal creatures like the Fae.

So you came to infiltrate Alabastra, find Tirnoch, and seal her away forever. And you used Ventrinio to get in, under the guise of being his "assistant."

Another mortal for the fire. You're going to burn.

If you couldn't stop Tirnoch, she would use her pawns to fully escape her prison, and the world would be her new plaything.

You had to try, even . . .

Woman 1: Since the Alabaster Wall was young, the beautiful Bonewhite Forest was a place of peace and meditation.

Woman 2: . . . though the Fateweavers said you were doomed. As always.

Woman 2: That one must be stopped! Pathetic.

When I found you in Dalentarth, when I saw you had come back to life, I wasn't sure how much you remembered. I couldn't be certain you would keep our secrets.

I considered killing you then and there. Nothing personal. You would have done the same to me.

Woman 1: Have you come to die?

Woman 2: But then I saw what you had become. I saw the new powers you wielded. And I saw how useful you could be. When I saw you could change fate, I knew you were our only choice. So I helped you continue your mission to stop Tirnoch. Even if you had forgotten it.

Until that time I realized you weren't the same woman you were when you died. You were more. You were better than the heartless commander I had made.

Man 1: Until one night, when nature changed its course, and Gadflow like an errant thread frayed from the weave, took the crown from Mathon's head.

"A joke!" he said. "A joke!" And the court swayed in laughter, for Gadflow's was often like the mockingbird, with many calls but none of his own.

Woman 2: I detest the mortal flesh. I'm going to gut you.

Man 1: He placed the crown upon his head and smiling, took a crimson sword. He betrayed the Fae with a swing of his newfound freedom.

Woman 2: Last time you came here, you were destined to die. This time, your destiny is up to you.

Woman 1: The greatest heroes of winter Have always fallen from the Bhaile's pale boughs, from Pietra the Keen to Hoolgan the Hungry. When the Tuatha claimed dominance over us, heroes arose to defend winter.

Woman 2: Tirnoch shall be honored.

Woman 1: Gadflow laughed at their challenge, and called up Tirnoch's wrath.

Woman 2: This is your end.

Woman 1: In a second, our most loyal heroes were impaled by Prismere spires. Our heroes were gone, never to be reborn and our people succumbed to Gadflow's madness.

Man 3: Feed the dirt, dustling!

Woman 2: Now we have a chance to finally complete our mission. Let's put an end to Gadflow, before his bargain frees Tirnoch on the world.

This must have been a lot for you to take in at once. But I need you to be clear on who you are and what you need to do. A lot has changed since you were here last. It isn't going to be as easy this time. And last time it killed you.

She's a creature with incredible power. A dragon. But she is no simple lizard in some child's tale. She has a power rivaled only by the gods.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Alfar sealed her in the Amethyn between this world and the world of magic. And there, she went mad.

As her prison weakened over time, she was able to tempt Gadflow into helping to gain enough power to break free. And if she escapes fully, it will mean the end of all mortal life, Tirnoch's revenge for tens of thousands of years of imprisonment.

That's why people like you and I have dedicated our lives to keeping Tirnoch secret from the world. We were supposed to keep Tirnoch hidden from the world. Anyone who learned too much had to die.

But when Gadflow found her, you were the one who volunteered to kill him and sealed Tirnoch away once more. Even though you were fated to fail. It took every trick we had to get you here the first time, and you still died. I don't know if you planned to be resurrected, but knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised.

Everyone who knows the truth of Tirnoch will be dead and Tirnoch will be sealed away once again. We can return to our duty of keeping the knowledge secret. Assuming that's the life you want to return to. But if you refuse, then I'd have to make sure you never tell the truth about Tirnoch.

Of course I'd rather he didn't come to that. But you would have done the same.

What are you, a moonstruck whelp? If you're going to waste time staring longingly at me, I'll gladly save us both the trouble and pry your eyes out right now.

To save our world, Gadflow has to die and Tirnoch has to be sealed away. You're the only one who can do it, and you'll probably need to be able to see. Now get in there. And try not to get yourself killed again.

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