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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Ending

Check out part 42 and discover your fate with this online demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the action RPG from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.


Alyn Shir: Go. Stop Tirnoch from fully entering this world. But remember, my blades will always be at your back. Let's go. There's no turning back now.

Tirnoch: Come, Fateweaver! Bring me your power! Sacrifice yourself, and seal the fate of your world!

Alyn Shir: It's time to choose your fate. Amethyn lies beyond. This is where the dragon will breach the veil.

Man: Come forward, mortals. Behold the birth of Tirnoch! Attend your final hour.

Alyn Shir: My fate does not lie beyond those doors. You alone may change what is to come. Go!

Man: Ah yes. Welcome back, mortal. How does it feel, I wonder, to return to this place. Does the pain of your death still linger? Can you feel it echo through the air? And now, in this place, you shall witness the birth of Tirnoch, the destruction of the Alfar, and the dawn of the endless Winter. Ah, yes. She comes! Tirnoch the powerful! Tirnoch the merciful! Qualla fela Tirnoch! Qualla sera Tirnoch! Tirnoch? Have I done well, lady? Are you pleased? Is it-

Tirnoch: You have served your purpose.

Man: I have so much more to-

Tirnoch: And now, fateless one, you shall serve yours. Come closer. Give yourself to me. Do you think you can save yourself, little creature? So much fate. So much power! All to free me! Yes! Struggle! Fight! And die just as you did before! You are nothing but dust! Why won't you die? Impossible! Impossible!

Alyn Shir: how could we have known that this would be a new beginning? I wonder now if we should have foreseen this outcome. But who knew then what Fate would bring? I would have liked to have delivered this message in person, to seee you one final time. That, however, would have been complicated. The order to which I belong had other plans, were you ever to leave the crystalline fortress. When it comes to you, though, it seems no fate is written in stone. It was only through my assurances that your silence could be counted upon, that either one of us still draws breath. I trust you will not make of me a liar. Were stories of what we have seen to begin to surface in the inns and taverns of Amalur, I would be asked to seek you out. And, as we both know, the next time you die, there will be no return. But let us not speak of this. Your life is your own. Go now, and see what Fate may bring you, or what Fate you may bring. Perhaps one day, in happier times, you and I will meet again. Until that day, I remain. Yours, Alyn Shir.

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