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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 1 - Introduction

Check out part 1 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Vince: Hello. Internet are you there? It's March seventh. My name's Vince and I'm playing I am Alive. If you find this YouTube video, send it to all your friends, make them click on it, make them watch it. They won't let me go home and play Journey until I make some I am alive videos, so here we go. Test, test. I'm not sure the sound is working. Wow, it works. This is a little awkward for me, but if you've found this, then that means... anyway, if you could try to deliver this video recorder to my home. That's in Haventon, 27 Arbor Street. It's right in front of the park and may be, just maybe someone will be there. Okay, this is basically my life. My backpack, climbing harness, a flashlight, a couple of batteries, a pistol. I've never even fired a gun before. Anyway, there aren't any bullets in it. I can't believe I'm about to arrive. It's been almost a year now since the event. It only took me four hours to fly out East, but the better pat of the year to walk home. With any luck, I'll be back at our apartment in another couple of hours. I saw a lot of damage on the way here but... this looks different. There's more dust than anywhere I've seen. I wonder what it looks like inside the city. I know it's crazy but I just have this feeling I'll find you. Julie, without you and Mary none of this makes sense. Almost home. See you soon. I wonder if our apartment is still there. Haventon traffic. Oh how I missed it.

Player: This is the tutorial leak kind of section. Telling you about burning stamina and all of that. We've got to get across here. Oh Oh, we are in trouble. You got to get over. Well that was close.

Vince: Looks like I'll have to climb over those arch supports.

Player: Well, up we go. Refill our stamina there. You can see the stamina bar to the left and what I assume is health on the right. As the stamina depletes you can here the music kinda intensifying. Oh boy! That leap took a lot out of me. Up, take a little breather and back we go. There's nowhere to rest. I can't climb up on the ledge there. It's blocked by these pipe things. Up, up, up, oh boy! Get there, get there. There you go! That extreme effort depletes your stamina capacity. Let's hit the left bumper and restore some of it, or all of it.

Vince: Well, it's still standing. Though Haventon has seen better days.

Player: Down we go. Alright, what now? Now seems like a good time to pull out the map. We're headed to the apartment, looks like I'm facing the right direction. Now just to figure out how to get across. That looks climbable. There you go! It won't let you fall off the edge just by running up to it, with the directional sticker, even hitting A, which is normally jump doesn't do it. Feel free to experiment. Let's get across this truck thing here. Right away you get the sense things have gone real bad and they'll get worse if you fall in that river. Can I make that? Wow! Apparently. Any items or anything on this bridge? Doesn't look like it. Alright, super jump. Ouch! Here's our hero, Zac Efron looking dude, who can climb like Nathan Drake apparently. Slide down, alright?

Vince: I can probably get back up to the streets if I go through the sewer.

Player: Pretty crazy how little stamina those jumps deplete from him. Three retry. I guess, is that a check point? That's what I'm thinking.

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