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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 2 - Home

Check out part 2 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: Watch that? Hey, you!

Man 2: I don't want any trouble. I'm already gone.

Man 1: That's it. Just keep on walking.

Man 3: That guy had a gun.

Man 1: Don't come back.

Man 3: Okay. Fine. The map's updated. Okay. So the map is showing this impassable section here.

Man 2: There's a lot of dust down there. Pretty thick.

Man 3: Well, up we go. It's not entirely clear what exactly happened.

Man 4: Don't run away from me.

Man 3: But we are well passed the point that people have turned on each other. And again here. Nope. What's this?

Man 2: I could force open this gate with something.

Man 5: What the hell do you think you're doing? You're just out wandering about, huh?

Man 2: I read you loud and clear.

Man 3: Uh-oh. Hey, hey, back off. Back off.

Man 5: Hey. Wait. No. Please. Please. Okay. Okay.

Man 3: So we're hitting next to back him up. Get back there.

Man 5: Hey, okay. Whatever you want buddy. No problem.

Man 2: Better keep this with me.

Man 3: Now we have a machete. Cool. So we're going to be running toward glowy things it seems. And hitting right trigger to force this open.

Man 6: Hey, you! I could see you.

Man 3: All right. We got a showdown.

Man 7: You picked a bad place to get lost.

Man 2: You guys make a fella feel at home.

Man 3: Surprise kill. Slashitty slash.

Man 6: Hold up. Hold up. You win.

Man 3: That's right. Back up. Take it nice and easy. Just going to strike you. More people. What's up? What's up?

Man 8: Let's not be hasty, okay.

Man 3: That's right.

Man 9: No, no. Please!

Man 3: Down on the ground. Get on the ground.

Man 9: Please, please.

Man 3: Right trigger, right trigger. This guy, can I put this guy out of his misery or anything. I can. That's a rough world out there. There's a first aid kit. It restores a bunch of health. Go figure. Looks like we're almost there.

Woman 1: Who are you? He's my son. They stabbed him. He's going to bleed to death if we can't find something to treat this wound.

Man 3: So we've got the first decision here. Do we give them our first aid kit and weaken ourselves in the process? Yeah, sure.

Woman 1: Thanks so much. How did you get this?

Man 2: It's just over there.

Woman 1: So you haven't been in Haventon since the event? You know, shortly after it happened, first thing we had to deal with were the earthquakes. They kept happening, day after day. Most people ended up into makeshift emergency centers, like the Haventon stadium. We were protected from collapsing buildings, but there was so much dust in the air, we quickly had to find another solution. It's been a year now but we still have aftershocks from time to time. It seems they're there to stay. All we can do is deal with it.

Man 3: So you get points awarded to your score which is a thing.

Woman 1: God bless you and be careful out there. Those armed folks may still be around.

Man 3: There are leader boards in this game which is weird for a survival thing. Anything else? We got a retry for helping people out so hey, might as well, right?

Woman 2: Hey, who's that? Don't make me nervous.

Man 3: Don't want any trouble.

Woman 2: That's it. Keep right on walking.

Man 3: Yup, yup. Just walking.

Woman 2: Don't you come back.

Man 3: Although I may have to go that way.

Woman 2: Don't fuck with me, sonny boy.

Man 3: That's not gone well.

Woman 2: Hey, who's that? That's it. Keep right on walking. Don't you come back. Don't mess around, son.

Man 3: It seems some of them get aggressive when you run. It's threatening. This guy is not doing so well. Yeah, he's all the way dead. Okay. Please tell me there's no balancing as you walk across mini game. Just go. Just go. That's merciful. What now? To the left just a bit.

Man 2: Well, the apartment is still standing. That's a good sign. Wasn't sure I'd ever see this place again. Home sweet home.

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