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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 3 - Home (Again)

Check out part 3 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Vince: All right, it's Day Two, I am alive

Bum: What's that? Hey, you!

Protagonist: I don't want any trouble. I'm already gone.

Bum: That's right. Just keep right on walking.

Vince: We've done this part already.

Bum: Don't you come back.

Vince: But the game doesn't let you save mid-episode so we have to do it all again. So that's something we're quickly learning. I will skip all this footage now and take us back to where we were before.

Protagonist: Back off!

Thug: Hey! Wait! No!

Vince: There's some painkillers I didn't get the first time. They might come in handy later. That's a soda can. I'm not sure what that even does. It's full. It's a full soda can. It's not an empty one. Everything in this game seems to glow so you don't have to worry too much about looking too closely.

Protagonist: Mary? Julie? Are you there? There's no one here. I remember that day. What's this?

Julie: We have to go now because of the earthquakes. The evacuation team is waiting for us. We'll be taken to one of the emergency shelters. It's very hard to get precise information about the evacuation plan. I have no idea where we'll be in the next hour. If only you were here. I would tell you that I forgive you for everything. For now, all we can do is pray that you are alive. And if you are, I know you'll come back here. We'll try to stay in Haventon , but we'll go wherever is the safest.With Mary, I can't take any risks. We love you. Not a moment goes by that we're not thinking about you. Try to find us. We'll be waiting for you. Julie and Mary, May 23rd.

Protagonist: May 23rd. That's almost a year ago. Julie ... I'm so sorry that you've had to go through all this without me. Earthquakes, dust storms, then what came next? The food shortages, hunger, thirst. Where could you be now? This year was so long already. While I walked back I was thinking ... I was just hoping to find you standing here. How could I? Oh, shit! Closest to home cooking I'm going to get.

Vince: It looks like that's it. Oh, who's that?

Mei: Where are you? I want you.

Protagonist: Mary?

Mei: No, ah!

Protagonist: Mary!

Vince: Where's she going? Maybe chasing after her isn't the best way to convince her that we're not going to hurt her.

Protagonist: Mary, wait! Mary, it's me!

Vince: Aw, she crawled.

Protagonist: It's Daddy!

Gamer: We got to go around this way. Up we go. You may notice that I have a bullet that I didn't have last time and that's because I kicked the guys into a hole instead of shooting one at the last altercation.

Thug: Damn it, I can't reach her!

Thug: That kid is smarter than you!

Protagonist: Leave her alone. She doesn't have anything you want.

Thug: Hey look!

Thug: We don't much like uninvited guests.

Protagonist: Calm down.

Thug: Not in our backyard.

Thug: You scum bag!

Protagonist: Eat lead!

Thug: Hey, wait, no!

Thug: Please don't let me die here.

Protagonist: You can come out now. I won't hurt you.

Mei: You promise?

Protagonist: Yeah, I promise. Come on out. I have something to show you. What's your name, sweetie?

Mei: I'm Mei.

Protagonist: I have a daughter almost the same age as you. Here you can take it. You're safe now. Here. Take a look at this. It's okay. Take it. You see that? That's me.

Mei: What did you do to them?

Protagonist: Them? I made sure they wouldn't bother you ...

Henry: Linda? Linda, are you there? Why won't you answer me?

Mei: Henry?

Henry: Mei! Thank God! Where's your mother?

Mei: Mommy never came back.

Henry: Where are you? Are you all right?

Mei: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm with a nice man.

Henry: Man? What man? Let me talk to him, sweetie.

Protagonist: Hello.

Henry: What do you want?

Protagonist: What I want? I want nothing.

Henry: Look man, I know the score. I've got food, water, batteries. If you bring me the girl, you'll have what you need. You got it?

Protagonist: Sure man, I got it. Listen, the little girl doesn't look so good and I think we're about to have a storm, so we need to get off the street.

Henry: Where are you?

Protagonist: Close to State Street, near the Arboretum.

Henry: Then get to the mall. It's probably the safest place for the time being.

Protagonist: Come on sweetie, we got to go.

Henry: The mall took less damage than most of the other buildings in the day, so it's still pretty stable. When the quakes settled a little, the mall was set up as an emergency shelter. It was sealed up to keep out the dust. Keep people alive. The windows have been boarded up, and all the ventilation's sealed. You and Mei should be safe there. At least for a short while.

Vince: We're outside of the mall. Anything back here?

Protagonist: So Mei, where is your mommy?

Mei: I don't know. She told me she'd be right back, but I waited a long time. Maybe she got lost in the fog.

Protagonist: Don't worry, I'll help you find her. Dust storm doesn't look good. We should be inside before it gets here.

Vince: This doesn't look good. I better get inside.

Protagonist: Almost there, we'll be safer inside.

Vince: Well, until next time, I'm Vince and I am Alive. For now.

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