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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 4 - Shelter

Check out part 4 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Player: Someone started a fire. We don't share get out! Wow! That's inviting.

Mei: The good spots are upstairs.

Vince: You've been here?

Mei: With my mommy, yeah.

Vince: Well, hopefully the good spots aren't too dusty.

Player: Headed to the fourth floor. Just be checking around for any supplies here. There's one. There is a rest point while you're climbing. Hopefully I won't need that.

Mei: Not that way. The good spots are up higher.

Player: Alright. Looks like we're going to climb up this wall. Let's try to think about our path before we start hanging on here. Alright. Let's rest here for a second. Up we go. Get there. Get there. Get across. Phew. Okay, we're going up eventually but I'll just check down here if there's anything we can grab.

Mei: Not that way. The good spots are up higher.

Player: I'm just looking for stuff May, just chill out. I hear someone coughing.

Mei: Did you hear that?

Vince: Sounds like there's someone below us.

Player: I see something glowing over here. I hope this isn't a trap.

Vince: There are generators here. I can recharge my camera batteries. Henry, Henry are you there?

Henry: Yeah, don't worry. I'm here.

Vince: Just checking. We're inside the Mall.

Henry: Hey, hey what's going on?

Vince: It's Mei, she's coughing... probably from the dust. She doesn't look... wait, she has a fever. She's burning up.

Henry: Shit, okay. You need to find one of those crates the military dropped right after the Event. It'll have medicine.

Vince: What's the best lace to find a crate that hasn't already been scavenged.

Henry: Search for places that are hard to reach. High rooftops, high buildings. May be you'll find one someone else missed.

Vince: Okay. There's a lookout point on the top floor of the Mall. If there are any crates on the rooftops, that would be a good place to spot them from.

Player: Alright. Take care kid. I can't really see much down there. Looks like I can slide down to the right though.

Man: Oh thank the Lord! Another person. I've been stuck here for days. My Asthma is getting worse with every breath.

Player: I don't have any inhalers for you buddy, sorry. Oh, if I use the bullet I can get that thing in there but then I won't have it for later. Shoot. Decisions, decisions. Can't just use my machete.

Man: Let me guess. You'd like to, but you just can't help me, right?

Player: Is it in there? Is that your thing? Alright. Let's do it. This better be worth it. No, it's painkillers. Sorry buddy. Guess you want painkillers for that asthma. Can't do anything for you.

Man: Oh thank the Lord! Another person.

Player: Yeah, sorry. Guess I could get up out there. Let's do it. Climbing power activate. Oh good God! There's no where to rest. Alright, we're on five. Just one more. Oh, there's the inhaler. Okay, let's take it back down to that guy.

Man: Oh thank the Lord! Another person. I've been s... That's all I needed. Just enough to get me out of here when this dam dust storm's over. You want to know more about the Event? After struggling with the earthquakes for several days, we were soon faced with a new threat. That thick plume of dust and burning ash just sort of came down on us - like a tidal wave. No one could breathe out there. Everyone had to stay inside the shelters, like this Mall with supplies shrinking slowly. There was nothing else we could do for weeks. The alternative meant going outside and one who went out ever came back.

Player: Looks like you get little pieces of story when you help out people. In addition to the retry. Thanks buddy.

Man: Good luck. I hope you find whatever it is you are searching for.

Player: I wonder if I'd climb out there the rest of the way. Or if there is a way in here. Guess we'll find out. Hey, more fruit cocktail!

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