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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 5 - Dust

Check out part 5 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: That looks climbable. Oh, boy. Sweet. Well, now what? I feel like I should be taking notes during all this. Bust out the legal pad and jot down all these items I'm picking up in case I have to do it over. And I probably will have to do it over.

All right. That's as far as we can sidle. Climbing the rest of the way. Someone needs water. Don't have any. Just got soda. I'm not sure if they would accept that. Maybe it's for their plants. It's got what they crave. Okay. So that I'm pretty sure will activate the cut scene. That's a Jerrycan because then I'll be looking for the medicine crate or whatever so we'll explore first.

Man 2: That looks like one. Kinda high. Probably why it hasn't been touched. Looks like the building was under construction before the event.

Man 1: He just knocked it over when he was done. Let's install the items. Retry. All right. We will get that medicine crate. Does that count as another episode I wonder? It does. So it seems like whenever you hit that chime with the retry screen that's a new episode. What now? I got to get over there somehow. I'm going to slide down that thing.

So let's take it nice and easy. Here we go. Yeah, everybody needs water. Looks like we're sliding again. Any items up here? Nope. Looks like I have a little bit of control over the direction while I'm sliding. Is that me coughing or someone else?

Man 2: I'm gonna have to go down into the dust to reach that place.

Man 1: All right. Let's plan this out. Medicine crate question mark because we're going down the dust and looks like it's the building to our immediate left once we get there. Let's do it. Oh, boy. Okay. So we got to get above the dust cloud. All right. That will do it.

Man 2: Better climb out of the fog whenever I can.

Man 1: It should be over here somewhere, right?

Man 2: I should be able to climb that. Looks like I could get into the construction site from here.

Man 1: Yeah, but how to I get there? That's the question. All right. Down one of these pipes and immediately turn around. Here we go. All right. How do we get on up? I didn't want to do that. Get up there. Whew.

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