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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 6 - Skyscraper

Check out part 6 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: All right. We're going to retrieve this medicine from this crate. Looks like we got to climb that way. Let's see. Pipe down and where from there? I can't go that way. Looks like this pipe is it. You loot we shoot. Friendly. All right. There's a ledge up there. I see this pipe coming out across. So I think what we got to do is get up this pipe a little bit and then jump over to that side. I don't even know if that's a thing that he can do but we are about to find out. Jump. Nope, that's not it. What about sliding down this thing and then there we go. Hey, a thing. Looters will be shot. Well, I just picked up that water bottle. Hopefully they don't mind that one. Whoa, okay. We're going to slide down, go left on that pipe, continue across. I think you can get up on that other side there. Let's roll. Up we go. Let's rest here. Any items? Let's check the map. Well, that's not really much help.

Man 2: What can we do?

Man 3: He's not going to make it anyway.

Man 2: You want to just leave him here?

Man 3: I'm telling you. There's nothing we can do. It's been two days already. Did you smell his arm? It's rotting.

Man 1: There's someone here.

Man 2: Shit. It was his arm making that smell? Okay, you're right.

Man 1: That guy's got a gun. There's a little arrow over his head. I guess that means he's aggressive.

Man 2: Hey. Guy. Yeah, you.

Man 4: We don't like being surprised by out of town guests.

Man 1: Gun, gun, machete. All right. This is going to get rough.

Man 4: Nobody needs to get hurt.

Man 2: Guys, look out.

Man 3: Hey. Wait. No.

Man 1: Okay. That's probably climbable. Anything over here? Nope. I guess it's up this thing then.

Man 5: Hey, kid. We're on to you.

Man 6: Guys, we've got company.

Man 7: So much for foreplay.

Man 1: All right. Machete, machete, gun, gun. All right. This guy then we got another left. What's up?

Man 8: Obviously, our friend here has more balls than good sense.

Man 5: What the... what out boys.

Man 6: Hey. Wait. No.

Man 7: Whatever you say. Whoa, crap.

Man 6: Please, don't kill me.

Man 1: Let's get this ammo here.

Man 7: Take it easy man.

Man 1: Now you. What are you going to do?

Man 7: Step back.

Man 1: Hey, painkillers. I guess we're going up. Oh-oh. Kill the tougher ones first and the weaker ones will surrender.

Man 9: You crossed us for the last time.

Man 1: Well, what's up? What's up?

Man 10: Hey, wait. No.

Man 11: Please, don't kill me.

Man 9: Don't... Don't shoot.

Man 10: Let's not be so hasty, okay?

Man 11: Please, don't kill me. Take it easy, man. Point that somewhere else, will you? Let's not be so hasty, okay?

Man 10: No, no, please. Let's talk this over, okay?

Man 1: Is it you?

Man 9: Don't... Don't shoot.

Man 1: Yeah. That was a tough one.

Man 9: Let's talk this over, okay? I'm at your mercy.

Man 1: Well, now we're out of bullets so things could get pretty dicey from here on out. Hey, a thing. I'm going to avoid saying the name of that thing because I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce it but, you know, the climy thing.

Man 2: The crate's pretty high up.

Man 1: There's a first aid kit. If I go down that pipe can I get it? I want to make sure I'm at full stamina before I start this. Here we go. Up. Oh, boy. Got you. Now back the other way. We need two Jerrycans. All right.

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