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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 8 - Useful Things

Check out part 8 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: I wish it would let me peek out around that corner. See what I'm in for.

Oh, boy. All right. Up. Over. Up.

I'm going to have to use a piton pretty soon. How close do I want to cut it?

All right, here's good. Let's get over.

Man 2: Shit. The crate looks like it's been damaged.

Man 1: Can I get up on that thing? Nope.

All right, let's see. Let's go over this way.

Can I rest down there? Yep.

All right, that second ramp has an item and then a way to climb back up, it looks like.

Why is it giving me a hint about backsliding? Oh, that's why.

Now if I go to the right, there's something here. That's how you get on top of the elevator.

Oh, there's a soda can.

This could get me in trouble. Get over.

Oh, it's still there. Cool. Thought it was an item. Well, I guess it is an item. Just not a new one.

All right, let's see if he'll let me do it this time. Let's rest down here for a second.

Okay. Let's think this through. I'm going to go across that pipe. Hopefully, we can jump across. If we drop again, then we're going to roll to the left this time.

Man 2: Wow! Phew. Good old pipe. That was close.

Man 1: All right. Just need somewhere to rest. Just let me rest. Up here maybe?

Thank goodness. All right. Shimmy this way.

Okay. I slide down there. Is there anything to grab? I see a little bit of red pipe, peeking out that way. Guess that's our best bet.

All right. Up there. I guess we're going around and back up. That looks like a ledge. I don't think I can get there to rest though. It's blocked anyway.

Take the first one or the second one? Shoot. Let's take the first one.

I think I can get in there. No? Probably not. Oh, shoot.

Okay. Up and over. How about there? Nope. Great.

Man 2: Here they are. Antibiotics for Mei, and what's this? A grappling hook. They packed useful things in those boxes.

Now let's get back to Mei.

Man 1: Huh. Well, I've got a grappling hook now. Any items around here? Nope.

I wonder. Got you. Now for the other side.

Oh, boy. I hope I can do this.


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