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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 10 - Mei

Check out part 10 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: Okay. So we are headed south. Down we go. Nope. Okay, let's get back up on to the skyway here. And our stamina is diminished so let's do something about that. There's water bottle. We've got a lot of... Let's restore our stamina here. Use. Don't want to run out of that.

Man 2: From the top of this ralicar I could reach the grapple point.

Woman 1: Is there anyone...

Man 1: I hear someone yelling but I have no idea where you are down there. Sorry. I guess we got to go on that side.

Man 2: I don't think I can make that drop.

Man 1: Okay. We got to get Mei this medicine now that we have it. Hopefully there's a grapple point at the end of this.

Man 2: I should try to swing back there with my grappling hook.

Man 1: There is one. Where am I going? Up on that ledge I guess. Here goes nothing. That didn't look like he was going to make it for a second. All right. Up this thing it looks like. Almost there.

Man 3: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Man 1: Woh, woh.

Man 3: Quit running around! Hey, no more messing around.

Man 2: Back off.

Man 3: No, no, please.

Man 2: Back off.

Man 1: Well, we got some painkillers out of that. Sorry, buddy. Got anything good in here? Nope.

Man 4: Hey, guy, Yeah, you.

Man 5: Well, well, what do we have here?

Man 2: Whoa, guys. Take it easy.

Man 1: Gun, machete.

Man 4: Say your prayers, mister. You're going to be meeting god soon.

Man 1: Gun, machete. Here we go.

Man 2: Whoa, guys. Take it easy.

Man 5: Watch out.

Man 6: Come to papa.

Man 7: Hold up. Hold up.

Man 2: Back off.

Man 7: Don't shoot.

Man 6: I'll do whatever you say.

Man 7: Please, I'm trapped. No!

Man 2: Back off.

Man 6: Don't, don't shoot. Please don't kill me.

Man 2: Step back.

Man 6: Let's talk this over, okay?

Man 1: Oh, brutal.

Man 7: Don't shoot.

Man 1: All right. Well, we got two bullets now.

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