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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 11 - Mei

Check out part 11 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Mei: You're back.

Man 1: Yeah, and guess what? I've got medicine for you. Mei is resting now. I managed to find her the medicine she needs. She reminds me so much of our Mary. I'm sure they would be good friends if only... Mei, Mei, come over here. Quickly now.

Mei: I want to sleep.

Man 1: Henry, Henry. Mei's fever has gone down some. I think she's okay to move. We need to get out of here.

Henry: Okay. Bring Mei to my apartment, but use the subway. If you take her out in the street she'll just start coughing again. Now go. The subway tunnels have been used since the event to avoid the dust cloud. From the mall's station, follow line four and take the exit for Crockett Street. You can't miss it. It's in much better shape than almost anything else in Haventon.

Man 1: Let's find a way down to that subway station below.

Man 2: Looks like we're going to the basement. Well, this is one way I know.

Mei: Do you have a daughter the same age as me?

Man 1: Yes, I do.

Mei: Where is she?

Man 1: I don't know, Mei. I came back to Haventon to find her.

Mei: Well, since you're helping me find my mommy, I'll help you find your daughter.

Man 1: Thanks, Mei. That will be a big help.

Man 2: Where'd that guy go? I guess he's not here. Won't let me drop there, I guess we can't get out that way. Hint, hook point. Yeah, I know. I just got through with that section. So the map is slightly different now that the earthquake hit or an earthquake I guess. That looks like something.

Mei: Are we going to see Henry?

Man 1: Yes.

Mei: Good. Will you stay with us?

Man 1: I don't know. That's the place Henry told me about. Just follow line four. I'm just taking the child to a safe place.

Man 2: Machete, machete.

Man 1: Mei, hold on tight.

Man 2: I can't tell. It's machete I think. This is I got.

Man 1: Whoa, guys. Take it easy. Calm down.

Man 2: This guy got a gun.

Man 3: Rush him, now!

Man 4: Get that son of a bitch.

Man 5: Look, we're not bad people. Just let us go.

Man 4: Heads up guys, he's armed.

Man 5: He's got a gun.

Man 1: Okay, okay.

Man 4: No, don't.

Man 6: Someone help here.

Man 5: Guys, he's serious. Don't shoot us.

Man 6: Point that somewhere else, will you?

Man 1: Step back. No, no, please.

Man 2: Oh, damn it. Medic. Back up. Not slash at him. Stupid.

Man 3: Rush him, now! Watch, watch out boys.

Man 6: A little help here guys.

Man 2: That guy is the ring leader so let's back him up.

Man 5: Hey, don't shoot us.

Man 6: Someone help here.

Man 2: Back him up towards this fire.

Man 1: Just step back. Hey, back up.

Man 2: Step back.

Man 6: A little help here guys.

Man 2: Step back.

Man 1: Step back.

Man 6: Whatever you say. Okay, okay. He thinks we're scared.

Man 4: He's got a gun.

Man 5: You made a big mistake.

Man 2: What? Why are you? Why? Why? Why is this happening to me?

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