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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 12 - Line 4

Check out part 12 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Adam: That's the place Henry told me about. Just follow line four. I'm just taking the child to a safe place.

Man 1: We got hungry children too.

Adam: Mei, hold on tight. All right, three machetes and a gun.

Man 2: Looks like our friend has come through the wrong door.

Adam: Let's take care of the gun first. Rush him now!

Man 2: Get that son of a bitch!

Man 3: He's got a gun!

Adam: Step back!

Man 4: Don't shoot us. Look, we're not bad people. Just let us go.

Man 2: Heads up guys, he's armed. All right. A little help here, guys.

Man 3: He's got a gun. Shit! I'm blocked.

Man 4: Hey, guys. Hey, don't shoot us.

Man 2: A little help here. Whatever you say.

Man 3: Please, I'm trapped.

Man 2: He's got a gun.

Man 3: Man, if he was going to shoot us, he'd done it already.

Man 4: I'm at your mercy.

Man 3: Somebody. Anybody. Please help us.

Adam: Jerks.

Man 5: Please don't let me die here.

Woman 1: Please, do something.

Man 5: Can you believe out luck? Look at all this stuff.

Man 6: Don't get greedy. Leave some for us.

Man 5: There's plenty here. Don't be so possessive.

Woman 1: Nothing good can come of this.

Man 5: Too bad, it's mine.

Man 6: Give it to me!

Man 5: Get your hands off me!

Man 6: I told you not to get greedy. I'll do whatever you say. We got a little carried away. Desperate times and all. Anyway, thanks for stepping in. The biggest emergency shelter was set up inside the mall. It was abandoned pretty quick. There's probably other shelters around that still have people. You'd have to leave the city to find them. But you'd never catch me wandering out that far.

Adam: I'll just take that food can for my trouble. Well, we have no idea where we're going so that's great.

Woman 2: It's a little salty.

Man 7: Well, if you don't like my cooking, next time be my guest.

Adam: Some guys down there, eating. What happened here? Mei, close your eyes and stay very, very quiet. Some blood and hand prints. It's look like...

Man 8: Hey, you! I can see you!

Man 9: Go away, and maybe you don't get cut.

Adam: Should we help these people?

Man 8: You damn fool. I'll cut you! Get out! Oh crap!

Man 9: Hold up. Please don't kill me.

Adam: Back off!

Man 8: No, no, please! Point that somewhere else.

Adam: There's nothing to back them into.

Man 9: You're the boss.

Man 10: Help us. Be careful. They're dangerous.

Man 8: You killed me. Why?

Adam: Back off!

Man 9: All right.

Man 10: They're cannibals. Please, save us.

Adam: Oh, they're cannibals. Well...

Man 9: Murderer.

Adam: How's that?

Woman 3: Please.

Man 11: Oh God. Oh God! Got to go! Got to go!

Man 10: They're going to eat us.

Adam: That could make someone happy.

Man 10: But my worse memory was the evacuation of the city. It takes a whole new turn when the dark cloud start to build in. There was stampede to get on to the boats. Pushing. Shouting. People running each other over. It was madness. It seems that some people changed their minds and stay behind, myself included.

Adam: Well, there go my bullets.

Man 10: We owe you our lives.

Adam: I can't pick up any of these knives, Nope. Well, I wonder if I will face problems with these cannibals then.

Man 12: So you're just exploring the subway station?

Adam: Yeah, just exploring.

Man 12: That kid must be hungry. You can have some of our meet. Enjoy it while it's here.

Adam: Should I do something about these guys? I don't have any bullets.

Man 12: If you want to cross the gap, you better be a good climber.

Adam: Ah, I'm a pretty good climber. What's up with you?

Mei: Why is everybody mean now?

Adam: Not everybody, Mei.

Mei: Are you mean?

Adam: No, I promise I'm not. We have to reach to other end of the track.

Mei: Do you want to go down there?

Adam: Yes, we have to. Don't worry. It's going to be exciting. Oh, exciting huh?

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