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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 13 - Eyes Closed

Check out part 13 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: Here goes nothing.
Child: I'm scared.
Man 2: Don't look down, and in fact just close your eyes. Open them only when I tell you.
Child: Okay. I'll close my eyes now.
Man 1: Go down and over. Down, over. I'm going down, right? Oh boy. Nope. Let's put this piton in. All right, rest here. Let's see. Up that way, down to that.
Child: Can I open them now?
Man 2: Not yet.
Man 1: There's a long jump. Quick breather there. Well, looks like we've got to jump for it. Or maybe not. That whole long jump thing's pretty awkward. Why are we looking at the subway car? You're worrying me, game camera. Okay, we have to get in there somehow. Okay, is there a grapple point or something anywhere?
Child: And now? Can I open my eyes now?
Man 2: Not yet, almost there. This is not good. Here comes the part when the rail car starts to shake.
Man 1: Yeah, I see this guy's played Uncharted 2.
Man 2: I told you not to open them.
Man 1: Rest up.
Man 2: It's okay. You can open your eyes now. We're on solid ground.
Man 1: It's okay. We didn't have the budget to make that train car actually fall.
Child: But are we going back in the dark now?
Man 2: Yes, we are.
Man 1: If I hadn't saved those people I could do that. But, no luck. What's in here? Well, there's some more pain killers. Let's duck under here. How do we get this thing? Guess we'll never know. There's a bullet. Will we need it up ahead, or should I go back and get the stuff out of that padlocked room? That is the question. Let's go with this one first. There's an inhaler, and a battery, and a food can, and a bullet. So, totally worth it. I like how the cigarettes are just minus. They don't help you at all. Any chance the battery can be used here? Well, well.
Man 2: hey, look at that.
Man 1: Is this climbable? Nope. Did that remove the battery? Yeah, it looks like it.
Man 2: It's our lucky day.
Man 1: Oh, they were playing dead.
Man 2: You're going to die.
Man 1: Gun, ow. Okay, just shooting right away. Sure.

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