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I Am Alive Walkthrough Part 14 - Henry's

Check out part 14 and beat "I Am Alive" with the walkthrough for Ubisoft's new third person survival game!


Man 1: So the guy with the gun there is aggressive. And you don't know until he shoots you, which is awesome.

Man 2: It's your lucky day.

Man 1: It's your lucky day.

Man 3: Step back.

Man 4: Whatever you say.

Man 5: Hey. Wait. No.

Man 6: Take it easy.

Man 7: Hey, back up.

Man 8: You're the boss.

Man 9: I can't move any further.

Man 10: Let's talk this over, okay?

Man 11: Okay, I see your point.

Man 12: Put that somewhere else, will you.

Man 13: Don't, don't shoot. You win.

Man 1: Guess we're going down in there.

Man 14: Hey, guy. Yeah, you.

Man 15: Guys, we've got company.

Man 1: Oh, great. Five. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Got it.

Man 16: Rush him! Now!

Man 17: Get that son of a bitch

Man 18: Somebody get that gun.

Man 19: What the ... watch out, boys!

Man 20: Help! Help! He's gonna

Man 1: That guy looks like the tough. .

Man 18: He's got a gun.

Man 16: He's going to kill us.

Man 17: I'm at your mercy.

Man 15: No need for that. Really.

Man 1: You going to give up?

Man 16: Guys, he's serious.

Man 18: You win.

Man 16: Somebody. Anybody. Please help us.

Man 13: Please don't let me die here.

Man 1: Well, this is the way I'm not supposed to be going so there's got to be some sort of item or secret back here, right?

Man 17: Help!

Man 1: Some painkillers.

Man 15: Please don't let me die here!

Man 14: Help!

Man 1: Where's that coming from?

Man 15: Please don't let me die here!

Man 1: Can we got in there for any secrets? No? That way's blocked. Nothing there.

Woman: Huh? How did you get here? You care for a child, so you must be a good man. Can you spare some food for poor woman other than that foul meat?

Man 1: She wants my food cans. Hey, I've got water bottles and painkillers. Sure, why not?

Woman: I managed to stay alive down there for almost six months, but food was scarce. My thanks. You are most generous. What else can I tell you? When the dust cloud finally settled, people started to venture out of the shelters. Small groups started banding together, and looked for safe places to hunker down. And some other people were completely isolated. Gangs started to appear. At that point, we could sell that civilization, as we knew it, was all gone. Your child is very sweet. Thank you again, and the law. Me too, I should think of leaving this hole.

Man 1: Good luck.

Man 2: Mei, tell me about Henry.

Mei: Henry is a nice man. He was friends with my mommy before stuff got so broken. She helped him when he got hurt.

Man 2: She helped him? How?

Mei: Mommy worked at the hospital. She helped all sorts of people when they got hurt. But she always helped me first.

Man 1: Where to now? I need some fruit cocktail. Eases the pain a little bit of having to give up that food.

Mei: Henry and lives in this building.

Man 1: Okay. Let's just make sure there's no more items out here before we go inside.

Man 2: There's no one here. I don't like it.

Mei: Look what I hear. Mr. Snugglebear.

Man 2: Though Mei seems to know the place.

Man 21: You there? Did you make it?

Man 2: Mei? Can you hold this for a second? Yeah, we're here. As promised.

Man 21: You're an honorable man. So am I. Your stuff is on the table behind you.

Man 2: Is Mei going to be okay here? Where's her mother?

Man 21: I don't know. I wish I did. Anyway thanks for your help. You're free to go.

Man 2: All right, Mei. It looks like I have to go. Can you give me my toy back? Look, are you sure she's going to be okay? She just lost her mother.

Man 21: Well actually, there is something else you can do. We need you to get something for us.

Man 2: Get something?

Man 21: A radio transmitter.

Man 2: A radio transmitter? But why can't you just get it yourself?

Mei: Isn't that pretty? Henry! Henry!

Man 21: Because. I can't.

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