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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 62 - Chapter 10

Check out part 62 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Enemy 1: You will serve us.

Enemy 2: Cleanse the wound.

Horseman: What do you see?

Enemy 3: Kneel before us.

Archon: Out of the shadows and into the light. I see you, Horseman. The things you have done, the lives you have ended. I know why you are here.

Horseman: Then you will give me the key.

Archon: I have guarded the key for centuries. It is mine. And I will not part with it lightly. Not now. Corruption spreads in our city, in our hearts. Only I remain pure, a beacon against the darkness. Helpless to push it back.

Horseman: We are not all helpless, Archon.

Archon: Perhaps not. After the seals were broken and hell's legions loosed upon the earth, many divine relics were lost. One, the Rod of Arafel, could help reverse what has happened here. I dare not retrieve the rod myself. The gates to the White City are closed to any angel who visits Earth. But you are no angel. Acquire the rod, and I will clear a path into my Citadel. There you will find the key to the Tree of Life. As for what you will find on Earth, after you face it, even you may curse the name of war.

Horseman: Quiet. There are more than corpses about.

Uriel: For Abaddon!

Horseman: Uriel? What are the Hellguard doing on Earth? Damn it.

Uriel: Hellguard! To me!

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