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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 63 - Chapter 10

Check out part 63 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Horseman: I cannot.

Uriel: I should kill you for what your brother did here. But you saved my life. Consider us even.

Horseman: What do you know about the Rod of Arafel?

Uriel: A weapon of immense power, brought to earth by the Archan Hestus to battle the demons in the end war. But Hestus fell and the rod was shattered. Now the destroyer uses its pieces to fuel his army of darkness.

Horseman: What was broken can be reformed. Where are the pieces of the Rod?

Uriel: In the hands of the Destroyer. He has summoned creatures from the abyss and drawn forth his chosen - things of blasphemy who even now divide this world into their own hellish domains. The Suffering are one such beast. They feed upon the dead of this world and twist them into a swarm of flesh and bone that fight as one mind. It was they who attacked us moments ago.

Horseman: One mind - easily sundered.

Uriel: I will not risk one more Hellguard to recapture the Rod of Arafel. But should you wish to undertake this fool's errand, then follow the trail of corpses left by my brethren.

Horseman: A fool's errand. Well, it will not be my first.

Uriel: So that it is not your last, take this.

Horseman: Thanks for the warning. How many Angels died here Uriel?

Uriel: Too many. But for every dead Angel there is another kept alive against his will. His suffering empowers the Destroyer. Perhaps you could release them from their torment, pale rider.

Horseman: If you wish. However, all I can offer the captives is a swift end.

Uriel: That is blessing enough.

Horseman: Why are the hellguards still on earth? You lost Uriel, in case you haven't noticed.

Uriel: Where else would we go? All of creation saw what happened here, how the hellguard marched before the seals were broken. The White City is closed to us. We can never go home.

Horseman: What are these "Chosen"? They don't look like demons.

Uriel: No, they have something far more ancient, drawn from the heart of the abyss. The most powerful serve the Destroyer and rule in his name over ash and bone. The rest kill everything around them.

Horseman: It is a wonder you've lasted this long. Even the dead march against you.

Uriel: You speak of the Swarm. Of all the creatures that roam the waste, they most hunger for revenge. Not even death can stop them.

Horseman: See what you can find.

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