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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 75 - Chapter 12

Check out part 75 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Crowfather: Welcome to Shadow's Edge, Horseman. Now, go as the crow flies, or your brother is lost.

Death: This place looks familiar.

Crowfather: As well it should. This is the dark reflection of the Crystal Spire. A realm where demons, rather than angels, keep watch. But Corruption turned their gaze inward. And what they saw there destroyed them.

Death: What of the key?

Crowfather: It remains within, bound by a powerful master.

Ostegoth: Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, Horseman.

Death: If you're following me...

Ostegoth: Nothing of the sort. I've come to part demons from their coins. And you, from their souls. Are we so different?

Death: I'm looking for a key.

Ostegoth: But of course. Samael keeps many wonders in the vaults beneath the Black Stone. I have come to trade for what few he would part with. But I fear not all is well in the Red Court. Samael would never let his realm slide so far into nothingness. Beware of what you find on Samael's throne, and whom. Rumors are all that escape the vortex. Of a Mad Queen Lilith, who still clings to rule.

Death: Lilith? Why am I not so surprised? Samael was there when I fought the nephilim.

Ostegoth: No doubt watching, with great interest. The demon Samael plays a game of his own devising. And we are his pawns.

Death: I've heard of this place. The Black Stone.

Ostegoth: Yes, the throne of Samael, the Blood Prince, the Red Wanderer. He has many names, yet one home.

Death: Not much left.

Ostegoth: Corruption devours the Black Stone as it has countless worlds, as it will the Forge Lands, the Undead Plains, even Earth.

Death: That is corruption? What does it seek?

Ostegoth: The end of existence itself. And in its place, nothingness.

Death: And how do we fight that?

Ostegoth: We don't. Your precious balance only serves to stay its hand. But what do I know? I am but a simple merchant.

Death: Thanks for the warning. You can come out now, Lilith.

Lilith: Do you blame me for hiding? You are Death. Where you ride, no one is safe, not even your mother.

Death: You are not my mother.

Lilith: Did I not create Absalom from the mingled dust of Angel and Demon? And from the first nephilim, were not the rest formed? They were brothers to the Horsemen. Yet, when the Riders slaughtered the Nephilim, only you showed remorse. Why did you not cast the Amulet into the Abyss, as the Council ordered? Why spare their souls if not to one day undo your sin?

Death: My sin? This Corruption was born in Absalom! It rises from him like a black tide and you, Mother, must help me stop it! Where is the Demon Key?

Lilith: In Samael's keepinig. But he is gone now, and the key has vanished. Oh, don't worry, my child. Time, like sin, may be undone. With this, you can return to the past, to Samael's stronghold before his fall and find the Demon Key. I only ask that when you reach the Well of Souls, you will answer your heart and resurrect the Nephilim.

Welcome back. I was growing lonely.

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